The Dangers Of Mixing Xanax And Nyquil Together

The Dangers Of Mixing Xanax And Nyquil Together

Xanax is a very powerful benzodiazepine that is very habit forming. The strong side effects are what draw people to this drug, whether it is prescribed by a professional psychiatrist or purchased illegally. There are many dangers that one will face, if they choose to mix Xanax and Nyquil together. Of course, this warning will not stop addicts or those that are looking for a “High” to be deterred from this risky behavior.

Extremely Addictive

Xanax is very addictive, even when following the prescribed dosage recommendations. By mixing it with Nyquil, you will be increasing your risk of becoming addicted to this homemade concoction. Many Xanax users will become immune to the drug, after taking for a significant period of time. When this happens, they will be impelled to mix the drug with over the counter cold and flu medications, so they can achieve a bigger “High”.

Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

If you misuse your Xanax prescription, you may find yourself not having enough to last for their entire month. This means that you may risk facing some form of withdrawal, whether it be temporary until you get your next prescription filled or for a longer period of time. If you are forced to suddenly stop taking Xanax, you may find yourself in a life threatening situation.


Combining Xanax and Nyquil will increase the side effects of each drug dramatically. This will also increase your risks of addiction, overdose, and death. If you are currently being prescribed Xanax for anxiety, you should not take any over the counter cold and flu medication, unless prescribed by a physician.

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  1. Cjohn2
    September 01, 14:53 Reply
    This had to be the worst information ever. I literally searched can I take nyquil and xanax because i have a cold and im a little anxious (not a drug user, i seldomly take any xanax but i do have an perscription) and i find an article that says dont take xanax and nyquil because i will increase my chances of getting addicted and overdosing?!?! Wtf. I only wanted to know is it safe. I did not ask if i have a raging addictive personality is it a good idea to abuse these.
    • Anonymous
      September 24, 01:20 Reply
      Same here. I have a kidney stone and bad sinus cold symptoms. I took 1 Xanax that I'm prescribed and trying to see if it's safe as I also took 15mg of loritab total today but not recently

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