Write for Us

Write for Us

Guidelines for Guest Posting, two possibilities:

  • 1 – Top notch quality of 2000+ words article.
    You must be a confirmed expert in your field.
  • 2 – Join the team by paying the membership fee $100.
    Your article need to be quality and relevant, 1000+ words.
    Your article will be reviewed and published in priority (24-48h).

Before Writing

For avoid any loss of time, please contact us before with your business email “exemple@sitename.com and mention:

  • What topic/category
  • The possible title of your article(s)
  • The URL you want link in the author bio (need to be related to our content and fit with our audience)

*Due to the spam our mailbox ignore automatically the classic email address like @gmail / @hotmail / @yahoo / …

  • Your article(s) need to be free of any errors and can be rejected if it does not match with our quality standards and audience
  • Keywords density must not exceed 2%
  • Don’t add any links to your article content

Author Bio

  • Link to your site and social media accounts
  • Short bio of 100 words
  • Your picture

For exemple:

exemple of guest post bio