What Workouts Can Fix Bad Posture at the Desk?

What Workouts Can Fix Bad Posture at the Desk?

You have been working at your job for many years, but you recently noticed in the mirror that you have a round upper back, a depression in your chest, and no muscle tone. Your years of hard work gave you a hunched back. It happened so gradually throughout many years of poor posture, bad ergonomics, and keeping your head down writing, but the good news is that there are posture correction exercises that can improve both your appearance and your health.

If you have these symptoms, you likely have kyphosis, which is one of three spinal curvature back conditions that are being researched. It is important that you exercise to correct your posture and that you start sitting properly. Whole body vibration machines can also improve your posture by toning your muscles and stabilizing both your muscles and spine. You can read more on these machines to fully understand their benefits.

Several exercises can be done to reverse kyphosis without the use of a mat on the floor. Other exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, do require floor work. Yoga has been studied and has been found to halt the progression of kyphosis and to reverse some of its hunchback appearances. Kyphosis proved to be only slightly reversible in people over 60 years of age, however, because the bones were no longer flexible enough to change.

Yoga exercised for kyphosis

Many of the yoga exercises target kyphosis. Two of the ones that help through the pulling back of the shoulders and the stretching of the chest are the camel pose and the bow pose.

To do the camel pose, do the following:

  • Get onto your knees on a folded blanket that is in the middle of your yoga mat, leaving a little space between your knees and letting your toes hang off of the blanket and onto the mat.
  • With your body aligned straight up and down from your knees up, put your hands on your waist.
  • Arch your body backward from about the waist on up. Start to tilt your head back too.
  • Reach for one of your heels with one hand. Then grab the other heel with your other hand.
  • Put your head back.
  • Hold that position for a short while.
  • Bring one hand back to the waist and then the other one. At the same time, let your head come forward and put your chin on your chest to help you pull yourself forward.
  • Pull yourself forward.
  • Keeping your knees on the blanket, sit back onto your heels.
  • While keeping your rear on your heels and your hands by your side, bend forward until your head is resting on the yoga mat.

To do the bow pose, do the following:

  • Lay down on the mat, face down.
  • Bend your legs back as you grab your feet from the small toe area. Use a strap between the feet and the hands if you cannot reach your feet.
  • Put your chin on the mat, relax the glutes, and inhale as you bend yourself backward, with only the belly touching the mat.
  • Slightly relax as you exhale.
  • Let go of your feet. Put your hands out to the side and your face area as you also let your feet go back down to the mat. Rest your forehead on your hands.
  • Bend the legs again and rock your feet from side to side like windshield wipers a few times.
  • Then put legs back down to the floor with your feet extended and put your hands down to your side. Relax until you are ready to repeat the exercise.

Yoga exercises for hunchback posture

Marc Perry, a certified fitness trainer, suggests five exercises to “fix hunchback posture from office work.” They are the chest stretch, the chest compression with a massage ball, the upper back foam rolling, the prone Y extension, and the close grip row. We’ll discuss two of them that improve posture through stretching the chest muscles. Marc suggests that you stretch your chest muscles, do leg and back exercises and keep a good posture while using proper ergonomics when not exercising.

To do the chest stretch, do the following:

  • Stand to face a corner and put your right hand against the wall, extending your arm straight out from your shoulder.
  • Twist your body to the left and lean forward until you feel your shoulder and chest stretching.
  • Hold your position for 30 seconds and then relax your arm.
  • Do both sides for a total of three sets.

The prone Y extension

The prone Y extension is several exercises in one. It strengthens your lower and upper back, stretches your chest and your abdomen, and it rotates your shoulders outward. To do the prone Y extension, do the following:

  • Lie face down on a mat with your legs at shoulder width and your arms extended over your head in a Y shape.
  • Lift your torso off the ground while you rotate hands inwardly to put your palms upward. This pulls your shoulders back.
  • Hold this position between five and ten seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat this exercise for three sets of eight repetitions.

How to Sit Properly

Choose exercises that you are capable of doing and stick with them. The important thing is to start so that you can improve your health and your appearance. Yoga instructors stress the importance of sitting properly. You exercise your back to reverse some of the damage, but you correct your posture habits so that you do not do further damage to yourself.

To sit properly, do the following:

  • Sit back into the chair. Your feet should touch the floor.
  • Keep your spine straight. Proper ergonomics would help.

Final words

You worked hard for many years, but now you realize that posture was much more important than you thought it was back when your parents told you to “sit up.” Exercise your back, get a full body vibration machine, and sit properly from now on, and you will look better, have less back pain, have body organs that function more efficiently, prevent diseases, improve your mental health, and lower your fatigue. You can halt the progression of kyphosis and reverse some of the damage.

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