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Cardio exercises & Impact for the health

There is nothing more fun than losing heaps of weight provided the method used is natural and does not involve pill popping. Most people today prefer looking good which is translated to keeping fit. There is hardly anyone on the planet who would not like to be toned but this does take a considerable amount of effort. The best way to kick start the program is to include cardio exercises that get the body in shipshape condition before you can say anything at all. This does not mean that you have to join a gym – that is not a requirement, but if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is best to get the doctor’s approval. Once you do so, get going and raise the heart levels with strength training like so with these suggestions.

  • Jumping jacks are a great way to get the warm up totally upbeat. The process is simple keep the hands and feet at the side and jump with both legs to the side while raising the arms over the head. Keep on for ten counts and increase the numbers as you get more limber.
  • Tennis is a wonderful sport that not only makes you totally fit but also helps you sweat it out losing weight and gaining strength along the way.
  • For a long time, walking has been the mantra to help people get their daily dose of fresh and help them keep fit. However, if you do not sweat while walking and just stroll it is like window shopping. The idea is to make sure that you burn up the calories and the best way is to use both the arms with a high tempo walkathon that will help you improve the metabolism as well.
  • Jogging is a great way to help you lose weight effectively as well as keep you totally buzzed. Anyone who believes in this medium will totally be able to handle the rest of the day without any worry about tense muscles or the like. Get into this mode of fitness only when your body is ready for it, or you can strain the knees or lose your direction to the end goal.
  • There is nothing cooler than outdoor cycling as compared to the stationery cycle. No doubt the latter helps you achieve the results similar to the former. When you have the option of cycling away and enjoying the fresh air and the breeze as compared to a fan or an air conditioner, the former tops the list.
  • Squats is not that energetic an option in the cardio impact session, but if you are looking at achieving an overall effect this works. The point is to keep the back straight and never extend the knees beyond the toes.

Follow a Strict Regime

There are many cardio exercises available today that were probably never thought of earlier. Having six pack abs on a man is usually considered a wow factor and on a woman a flat toned tummy is always appreciated. While exercise do the magic, a proper diet also plays a vital role. Many people do not prescribe to this believing that they have the right to indulge in goodies.

The problem here is that you cannot have your cake and eat it too i.e. you cannot expect the high impact session to close the deal. It takes two to tango, which in simple speech means that a diet that is rich in fat will keep on the fat. However, a diet that has a blend of freshness with veggies, fruit, water, protein, some carbohydrates, minerals, etc will automatically provide the individual with the results that s/he wants.

While going through the process, it is imperative that one hydrates with at least eight glasses of water every day. The body certainly needs this form of hydration in natural form. Most people opine that their tea, coffee, juice has the desired effect, but it certainly does not, because water is the only solution.
The ‘I Have No Time’ Excuse and a Solution

Work pressure is one reason why many people are unable to stick with the program. Because of crazy work hours they are unable to balance office, family and travel with a new schedule. Invariably they end up buying takeout or easy to make meals that hardly ever improves their health. It ends up causing a great deal of despair to the person who wants to do something about her/his fitness levels but is unable to do so. In this scenario, one does not need to join a gym but just work out at home with a couple of easy choices. Skipping is a wonderful medium to help you keep fit (this can go on for ten minutes).

The next thing is jumping jacks that are not a difficult thing to include for another ten minutes. This most definitely will help the highly charged person get the twenty minutes of cardio that is required and remain totally fit. Once this becomes a habit, the person will automatically cut back on the heavy stuff and include a healthy diet. This will translate into the individual not having to worry about medication, improvement in sleeping habits and an overall improvement in the way s/he views the job and life in general.

There are many solutions to help people get fit, but it is important to keep on at it or you can end up in the same situation. Lack of exercise can bring on health related problems that is a strain on the purse.

The problem is that people do know this but still end up piling up their plates with grub that is not at all important or desirous. Losing weight is not an easy process for a morbidly obese person. It takes dedication and a firm goal to help her or him achieve the results that s/he was aspiring for, for a long time.

With the right set of tools and exercises along with a diet change anyone can lose weight effectively and feel happy about herself or himself. However, before embarking on a fitness regime, make sure that you get the doctor’s approval especially if you are on a cocktail of medication.

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