Xanax For Recreational Use – 7 Dangers

Xanax For Recreational Use – 7 Dangers

Throughout the years, more and more individuals throughout the country have become addicted to prescription medications. These drugs tend to be readily available and can leave the user with a very pleasurable high. These factors make the drugs very likeable and extremely addictive. With this information in mind, Xanax for recreational use might sound like a wonderful idea, but it is not. Within this guide, you will learn why you should not use Xanax for recreational purposes.

Xanax And Alcohol

One of the most dangerous ways to use Xanax is to consume it with alcohol! Although Xanax isn’t necessarily deadly by itself, it can be, when combined with excessive alcohol. This combination can be lethal and can cause major problems. Suffice to say, you just shouldn’t do it! The risks are not worth taking!

Dangers of Snorting Xanax

Many individuals enjoy snorting Xanax and believe it to be very safe, but this is a misconception! Snorting any type of medication is very dangerous and can do massive amounts of damage to your nasal cavities. Snorting medications can result in some very dangerous side effects, such as difficulty breathing, vomiting and constipation.

Of course, the biggest long-term danger is the fact that snorting pills will erode your nasal passages significantly! By sticking with this behavior for too long, it is possible for it to begin having physical effects! Again, you should never snort Xanax!

Addiction Risks

While many psychiatrists feel it necessary to prescribe Xanax to a patient that is exhibiting severe anxiety or panic attacks, others will offer their patients other antianxiety medication samples instead. The main reason for this deterrence of Xanax is because of its high addiction rate.

Since adolescents and adults alike have been utilizing Xanax as a recreational drug, it has become apparent that many are only exhibiting drug-seeking behavior, just to get a prescription for the drug. Addiction is a very serious matter that cannot be denied and the risks will only increase for those that like to delve in mixing it with alcohol or marijuana.

While it may be fun in the beginning to experience the Xanax high, over time it will become apparent that you cannot survive without the drug. The calming sensation that Xanax produces is linked to the medications effect on the central nervous system.

Xanax and Weed

Xanax with marijuana have many health risksMost individuals have considered mixing Xanax with marijuana it does hold many health risks. Yes, you will receive an instant calming effect, when you crush Xanax up and smoke it, but you must remember that you are inhaling harmful fillers and binders, by using Xanax this route.

Many drug addicts do not even take these risks into consideration, when trying to get high others with a sense of sanity should reconsider this method of intake. Not only are you increasing your risk of overdose, but you are also increasing the risks of death.

Since marijuana produces a euphoric drowsiness, which can potentially lead to a loss of body coordination, you are putting yourself in harm’s way, when you mix it with Xanax. These two drugs will depress the central nervous system, which will increase the side effects dramatically, which will also increase your risk of overdosing, without you being about to prevent it from occurring.

Can You Smoke Xanax

Can You Smoke XanaxOver the years, consumers have attempted to find new and more effective ways to use anti-anxiety medications. They hope to be able to push the limits and get higher. Although these methods may achieve these goals, they can be extremely dangerous! When smoking Xanax, the pill’s active ingredients will reach your brain very quickly and won’t get stuck in the nasal passages. While this can create a euphoric high, it can also result in many negatives and potential dangers!

Can You Smoke Xanax ? There are many negative sides effects associated with smoking Xanax. These will be listed below for your consideration.

  • Erratic mood changes
  • Lethargy and drowsiness
  • Muscle twitches
  • Agitation
  • Seizures

It should be known that a larger consumption of Xanax will increase the likelihood of experiencing these side effects. Also a major increase in dosage will increase the probability of overdosing! So can you smoke Xanax? Yes, but you should never do it! The dangers are truly not worth the high!


Signs of Xanax Abuse

While everyone that consumes, snorts, or smokes Xanax is at risk of addiction, just by increasing the dosage, you will be putting yourself at a higher risk. It is always important to take the time to review any prescription or nonprescription drug, before consumption. There truly are other methods that can be utilized to decrease stress and anxiety, without the need of a prescription benzodiazepine.

If you are not familiar with addiction and think one of your children or friend is addicted to Xanax, you will need to arm yourself with the signs and symptoms of addiction. Each drug will cause different addiction reactions and behavior, but Xanax knows no bounds, when it comes to taking its toll on someone’s personal life.

If you notice that your loved one is beginning to borrow more money than usual or exhibit unexplained weight loss, they may be experiencing signs and symptoms of drug abuse, withdrawal, or drug use.

Xanax Withdrawal Side Effects

Unfortunately, most consumers do not look at the bigger pictures, when partaking in Xanax recreational use, but this is a major mistake! By consuming Xanax for a short period of time, you will become addicted to the medication! In fact, it is believed that this drug is just as addictive as a cigarette. Once you’ve become addicted, your body will crave it every hour of every day! Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you do not use Xanax for recreational purposes. If you do get addicted, you will end up facing withdrawal side effects, when attempting to get clean of the drug.

The common symptoms of Xanax withdrawal can be found below.

  • Signs of Xanax AbuseMental cloudiness or impairment
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiousness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Tremors
  • Irritability
  • Convulsions

When attempting to try and break free of Xanax, you should make sure that you seek out professional help! An expert will be able to provide you with assistance overcoming your problems and leading you to a drug free life!


Although a lot of people consume Xanax for recreational use, it is not safe! In fact, using Xanax for a short period of time can be dangerous and can lead to major complications! Before you take that hit or sniff, you should consider the consequences!

David Warren
David Warren

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  1. Asor August 19, 13:26 Reply
    Is insane those people using Xanax is high addictive ,you don't know how my teenage family is going true ! They get overdose easily because they don't feel ! They get drowsy and craving for more and more ,is out there spread in the streets iligaly for young kids. Take out of that prescription ,is dangerous is high addictive ,
  2. Gina March 09, 09:16 Reply
    Shame on the maker of the Xanax who makes bars, more addictive, to add to choices in higher mgs to abuse! The simple answer to the Xanax problem these days is not an option? How many must die before the answer, a very simple, "stop making Xanax" and demand it be discontinued from existence ever be an answer? There are many other benzodiazepines, just as effective and far less addictive and abused. A death that could have been avoided is a senseless death! The victims of this drug are staggering. We are very pissed off and broken hearted to have lost our loved one to Xanax bars!
  3. Anonymous January 11, 09:05 Reply
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    Recently, one of my friends told me to try the Xanax drug for reducing my stress and get relief from the hard mental sensations. First I just tried it for just his words and after the few weeks of use, I really amazed with its results. Now, I don’t have any symptoms of panic attacks and other severe distress. I’m completely normal and happy with the attractive benefits of this recreational drug.
    • So f******angry! February 05, 02:46 Reply
      A family member OD'd on it. Please do not do this to yourself. Stay alive! Go for a walk!! Read a book, find a hobby, just stay alive!!!
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