Wainwrights Dog Food – Detailed Review & Discount

Wainwrights Dog Food – Detailed Review & Discount

As a dog owner, you should understand the importance of keeping your dog happy and healthy! There are numerous stars that need to be aligned, in order to ensure a dog’s overall health. Providing them with a sufficient amount of exercise, giving them a healthy diet and showering your dog with love are all important actions that need to be taken. Is Wainwrights Dog Food the best option and the healthiest? Below, you will find a comprehensive review, which will help you make this determination.

About Wainwright’s

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Wainwright’s is a dog food manufacturer, which many dog lovers will be very familiar with. They’ve been in the industry for a significant period of time and they’ve always maintained a good reputation. The company strives to deliver healthy foods, which will provide the dog with everything he or she needs, in order to live a healthy, fruitful life. As the company suggests, Wainwright’s is a canine’s best friend.

A Variety of Flavors

Some dogs can be incredibly picky and they’ll refuse to eat anything that doesn’t suit their fancy. This is why Wainwright’s has dedicated itself to offering a handful of different flavors and varieties. Amongst their varieties, they offer those, which have been listed below.

  • Lamb and rice
  • Turkey and rice
  • Duck and rice

The company’s foods are also available in wet versions and hard versions. This makes them ideal for dogs of all ages. With Wainwright’s, your dog will have options and he or she will definitely find something that they enjoy.

Nutrition Information

When attempting to evaluate a dog food, it is absolutely essential to examine the food’s nutritional value. This can be found on the back of the bag and will help you determine how good it will be for your canine. Below, you will find some of the ingredients of the Lamb and Rice variety.

  • 37% Brown Rice
  • 30% Lamb
  • 10% Barley
  • 7% Potato Protein

When examining the ingredients above, you can see that the food is healthy and will provide your dog with a delicious treat.

Proper Feeding

In order to proper provide this food to your dog, you will need to know the recommended serving sizes. For dogs that weigh 25 to 45 kg, you should provide them with 335 to 650g per day. For larger dogs that weigh 45 to 70kg, you should provide the canine with 650 to 1100g per day.

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, Wainwrights dog food is an excellent option for dogs of all sizes and statures. They’ll gobble it up, without hesitation, and the food will keep them happy and healthy. With that, you cannot lose with this dog food. Be sure to add it to your dog’s daily diet today!

Wainwright’s Adult Lamb Discount

Wainwright’s Adult Lamb

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