Treating Narcotic Addictions With Suboxone Therapy

Treating Narcotic Addictions With Suboxone Therapy

If you are suffering from opiate (heroin, cocaine) addiction, you are most likely ready to make a huge alteration in your life. Many hardcore abusers will require some type of assistance in order to beat their addiction. Suboxone is a very powerful opioid that is capable of treating opiate addiction, which is why many abusers choose it over other treatment options.

Suboxone Misuse

While methadone therapy is very controlled, since the patient is forced to visit the clinic to receive their maintenance dosage, Suboxone is not as controlled as it should be. Once your physician decides that Suboxone therapy is exactly what you need to combat your addiction, you will be handed a prescription for the drug. You can get the prescription filled at any local pharmacy, which means you will be responsible for administering the drug appropriately and as prescribed by the physician.

Many addicts will find that the initial maintenance dose is not suitable for their needs, so they will turn to injecting Suboxone, instead of taking it orally or sublingually.

Dangers of Injecting Suboxone

Injecting any type of opioid is very dangerous behavior and can lead to death. If you are not serious about getting clean and free of heroin addiction, you will be wasting your time with this Suboxone therapy. Many addicts will become so desperate to achieve a “high” euphoria that they will turn to injecting Suboxone.

If you are suffering from heroin addiction, be sure to take advantage of Suboxone therapy, because it is very effective. Never alter your dose, because it can lead to overdose and potentially death.

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