A Comprehensive Look At Tramadol And Adderall

A Comprehensive Look At Tramadol And Adderall

Tramadol and Adderall are classified under different categories, with tramadol being an opioid and Adderall is an anti-convulsion drug. Adderall should not be used in conjunction with tramadol or vice versa. Below you will discover more information about each of these drugs and what you should avoid, when taking them.


Tramadol is prescribed for moderate to severe pain and should not be used in conjunction with tranquilizers, alcohol, sedatives, and other narcotics. While tramadol is a milder opioid than morphine or lortab, you should still follow the directions to a tee. Narcotics are well-known for causing respiratory suppression, even when the drug is taken as prescribed by the physician.

Tramadol has also been known to cause convulsions. If you have a history of seizures, you should tell your physician, so he can find another pain medication alternative for you.


Adderall should not be prescribed to individuals that have a history of drug or alcohol dependency. This anti-convulsion drug is comprised of two different stimulants including dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. These ingredients work together to prevent seizures, by altering the chemicals in the brain. Many psychiatrists are also utilizing this drug to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adults.

Adderall can also trigger depression and psychosis symptoms, in individuals that have a history of mental illness. This reaction is most likely related to the alterations in the chemicals produced in the brain.


Since Adderall is also classified as a stimulant, you should avoid taking other types of stimulants, in conjunction with this drug.

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