Tracking the cervix before period for maintaining optimum health

Tracking the cervix before period for maintaining optimum health

Your menstrual cycles could be monitored by observing the cervix before period. If you are new to this concept, it is the lining, which is located on to of your vaginal region, which is very closely connected with your uterus region. During normal-times, this will be long in shape and relatively rigid. It is also closed. If you are in the period of ovulation, it tends to soften in its position and bulges above its normal-level. It also tends to open up a bit during this time. If you are pregnant, the cervix will be softer and its location will be slightly elevated, but the closing-position will be relatively-unyielding around the uterus.

On the other hand if your pregnancy is negative and you are approaching your periods-time, the shape and position of your cervix-membrane will undergo various changes.

  • It is clinically called the cervical-OS and it has two openings, one leading to the vagina-region and the other leading to the uterus-region.
  • As your regular-ovulation-time approaches, it starts getting cavernous-in-nature into the vaginal-region. In some cases it is positioned at an angle with respect to its original-position. If you are trying to locate it with your finger, you may need to dig deeper. You might find it softer and relatively more open.
  • Once the ovulation has occurred, you have other 20-24-hours before your periods start. During this time it is natural for the levels of estrogen in your body to decrease. Unless this period results in pregnancy, the cervix-organ will go back to its initial position of hardness and straight in shape after the periods.

You will be able to do a self-test and determine whether you are normally approaching the ovulation-period, you are pregnant or you are in the post-ovulation-time and waiting for the periods to start.

You need to place a chair of at least 3-4 feet height.
Stand with one leg on the floor and the other placed on the chair.

Now insert your middle-finger in your vagina and feel it just above your vaginal-region and below the uterus If you get

  • Somewhat open-structure, which is straight-in-nature and soft in nature, you can conclude that the estrogen-levels are increasing in your body.
  • Wide-open-structure, which has now become vertical-in-position. That means your ovulation-period is fast-approaching.
  • Tightly-closed-inwards (That means it is closed around the uterus-region). This will be normally ganged in the direction of rectum-region.

This follows a simple logical cycle. The cervical position before period will be initially closed, because it has to protect the womb. As soon as the estrogen-levels start increasing, it opens slightly in order to allow the probably fertile egg. After the ovulation has happened, it opens even wider to welcome the fertilized egg and lead it into the uterus-region. Once this phase is through without any fertilization-process happening, the internal-mechanism of your physical-body makes this organ to close by itself. Once your menstrual-cycles are complete, it closes down and returns back to its original-position.

Note: Make sure that you have wet your vaginal-region before carrying out this sort of self-test. You could use Vaseline-agent or any other clinically approved-oil/gel for it. As you are aware, there are three-knuckles in your finger. If you are able to feel your cervix-membrane within the first knuckle, which means it is low. Two knuckles mean it is intermediate-position and three knuckles mean it is high-natured.

There may be certain cases in which this sort of testing may not work. At that time, you will have to depend on the color of Cervix mucus to know your status. There are plenty of charts available-online, which will reveal the details.

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