Symptoms and Natural Remedies for Ringworm

Symptoms and Natural Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection which can affect nail, scalp or skin. The medical name for ringworm is Tinea. It is not a life threatening disease and can be cured by medications sold at pharmacies. Children are mostly affected by this disease as it is highly contagious. There are several different types of worms and each type affects a different part of the body. The symptoms differ with the type; however, some common symptoms are raised, red, itchy, scaly patches of skin which are sore and ooze.

Symptoms of ringworm

In order to identify the type of ringworm, you need to identify the appearance of the skin condition. The reddish skin patches grow larger and the centres become clear making them appear like a ring. Listed below are the types of ringworms and the parts of body they affect:

  • Tinea capitis: This ringworm affects the scalp and starts with the formation of small lumps on the head. These lumps eventually grow big in size and form a circular pattern.
  • Tinea manus: This type of ringworm affects the hand, specifically the palms and spaces between fingers.
  • Tinea pedis: Feet are affected by this type of ringworm and cause scaling between toes. Scaling and thickening of heals and soles might also take place.
  • Tinea unguium: This type of ringworm affects nails and both fingernails and toenails become yellow, thick and crumbly.
  • Tinea cruris: More commonly known as jock itch this rash occurs in the groin and causes the skin to become chafed and itchy.
  • Tinea corporis: This type of ringworm is very common and can affect the entire body. It creates round, flat and scaly spots on the skin.
  • Tinea faciei: The face is affected by this type of ringworm and leads to the development of scaly, red patches.

The symptoms appear within 4-10 days of the exposure to infection. Only for scalp ringworm the symptoms show after 10 days.

Natural remedies to treat ringworm

If the ringworm is not treated properly it can spread around the body, since it is a fungal infection. Natural remedies for ringworm are the best as they do not have any side effects. Listed below are some natural remedies which can be used to treat any type of ringworm:

  • Tea tree oil: This essential oil is used in curing ringworm of feet. It contains anti fungal and antiseptic agent that help in the treatment of various skin diseases. Application of this oil on skin significantly decreases the infection. Soak a cotton ball in this oil and apply on the affected area with the help of the cotton ball. Repeat this process three times a day. This essential oil is one of the best natural remedies for ringworm.
  • Garlic: Garlic contains ajoene which is a natural anti-fungal agent. When used regularly this agent shows chances of curing the disease. Peel a clove of ginger and slice it into thin pieces. Place these thin slices on the affected area and tie a bandage around it. It can be left over night for better results. Thick paste of garlic can also be applied to the affected part.
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