Withdrawing Easily With The Suboxone Taper Technique

Withdrawing Easily With The Suboxone Taper Technique

If you are currently taking Suboxone to battle opioid addiction there will come a time when you need to taper off the drug. It will be almost impossible to just stop taking the medication all at once. Taper means to gradually reduce your tolerance level, so you do not experience any withdrawal symptoms. Basically, you are going take less and less of the drug over a certain period of time, but how are you going to go about doing that? Below you will learn more information about tapering off Suboxone.

Are You Really Ready

Tapering should only be considered once you have completed a successful treatment period. Before you decide to go down this road, you really need to ask yourself if you are ready for this process. Have you made any major changes in your life other than trying to kick opioids? Can you deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression without turning back to those drugs? The whole point of taking Suboxone is to drown out your cravings and withdrawals so that you can make changes in your life. If you try to taper too soon it is highly likely that you will relapse and be back where you started.

Suboxone Taper

General Rule of Tapering

You are going to have to judge tolerance level based on how your body physically reacts to the decrease in medication. However, the general rule of thumb is to decrease your dosage by 25% every ten days. This has proven to be an effective process for many, but your body many react differently. Do not get discouraged if this does not work for you. Just simply try tapering with a higher dosage.

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