Snorting Muscle Relaxers – Is Dangerous?

Snorting Muscle Relaxers – Is Dangerous?

Snorting muscle relaxers or other prescription drugs is considered to be a form of prescription drug abuse. In simpler words, it’s the use of prescription drugs in a way that it’s not supposed to be used. A significant percentage of the population uses prescription muscle relaxers without a proper prescription, and there’s a chance that most of these users snorted muscle relaxers at some point.

While opioid painkillers are the most common prescription drugs that are abused by young adults and teens, that doesn’t mean muscle relaxers aren’t being snorted and abused. Illicit use of prescription muscle relaxers is higher among adolescents and young adults than other age groups. Many people are of the opinion that prescription drugs are safer to snort than street drugs, but that’s far from the truth. These prescription muscle relaxers can cause some serious side effects, especially when they are being snorted and abused. Snorting muscle relaxers is incredibly dangerous to your health.

Prescription drug abuse isn’t a new trend, and it has been going on ever since Bayer created a drug called heroin. Since then, people have been abusing drugs that are intended for medical purposes. These days, abuse of muscle relaxers and prescription drugs is bigger than ever.

ER visits due to prescription drug abuse have more than doubled over the last decade. In fact, the rate of prescription drug abuse is much higher than the illicit drug use. However, muscle relaxers aren’t the only drugs that are being abused. In fact, people are also snorting OxyContin and several other painkillers. There are many sorts of medications that are ripe for abuse and muscle relaxers are just one of them.

Why It’s Dangerous

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Snorting muscle relaxers may appeal to some people because of the intense and quick onset of the effects. However, if they continue to use muscle relaxers and painkillers non-medically more frequently, they’ll soon discover that the drugs don’t have the same intensity of effects, no matter how they are administered i.e. orally or nasally.

However, snorting muscle relaxers produces a quicker and more extreme high. Users who have built up a drug tolerance for muscle relaxers will not find the same level of stimulation by simply ingesting the muscle relaxants orally. This leads to them snorting crushed-up muscle relaxing drugs to reach the same intoxication level.

Benzodiazepines, or simply known as benzos, are common muscle relaxing, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure drugs. Over the years, the use as well as the abuse of benzos has gone up. In 2012, 38 benzo prescriptions were written by physicians per 100 patients. Snorting muscle relaxers is so dangerous because the wide abuse of this class of drugs can even lead to death. In fact, it has even surpassed heroin and cocaine in terms of the number of unintentional deaths.

Benzos are very effective as muscle relaxers because they work by activating a neurotransmitter that blocks the brain cell activity. This leads to the sedative effect that causes the muscles to relax. However, this is the same reason why people abuse this drug in the first place. Benzos are muscle relaxers that have a tranquilizing effect which can be addicting.


In most cases, people build up drug tolerance for muscle relaxers and end up resorting to snorting these drugs to experience the same effect. Hence, it’s important not to consume too many muscle relaxers regularly. Since we know that most of the time, prescription drug abusers are able to get their medication from friends and family, it’s important to take stock of your medicine cabinets regularly.

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