Understanding the sleeping cycle of babies

Children are a god’s gifts and so when a child arrives in your home there is so much of rejoicing. All of us have a sleep cycle and so do the babies – they also follow a sleep cycle. In case of children you need to ensure that they get atleast sleep for eight hours which is necessary to keep them healthy. If they get optimal amount of sleep then it ensures excellent growth and development of their body and mind. If they get proper sleep they remain happy and playful throughout the day creating lesser stress for their parents. Every parent has to understand the baby sleep cycles so that they can prepare themselves accordingly.

Understanding the baby sleep cycles will help you to put your baby to sleep sooner and you can also manage your sleeping hours. There are different cycles which the baby goes through soon it is born. It is important to know the sleep cycle of the baby otherwise it will cause excess stress on the parents as they have to remain awake during the night – this is a hectic schedule for the working parents. They are not able to concentrate at home or at work. Understanding the sleeping cycle of your baby will help you to adjust your sleep cycle. Here are the two major stages through which the baby goes through:

  • REM cycle – this is a sleep cycle which is seen in the initial stages when the baby is born. Most of the times you may say that baby not sleeping – but they are in such a stage that they coo in the sleep, smile in the sleep or sometimes even suddenly even cry – all this happens in their sub- conscious. It is said that the reactions comes on the child’s face because they are dreaming and their dreams brings out their feelings.
  • Non REM sleep cycle – you may always have a feeling that my baby not sleeping – no need to worry the child would be in the non REM cycle. There are three different stages which are seen in this type of sleep cycle. They are known as deep sleep, light sleep and very deep sleep. It has been proved in various studies that most of the new born babies should have deep sleep for good and better health. This is a sleep where the child does not know even if you move them from one place to another. This is the initial three months where the baby passes through different phases of sleep cycle.

Now those three months have passed and the baby has entered the second trimester. This is a turning point for the parents – here they should thoroughly know how your baby is sleeping. Most of the parents would want to know about the 4 month old baby sleep. In most of the cases the babies from three to six months sleep for long hours in the night. But this essentially does not mean that you need to have a quick and rigid program for your baby.

The babies develop their own sleeping habits and the 4 month old baby sleep could be six hours during the night. But most of them sleep during the day for three to five hours. There are few babies who sleep for 12 hours without any break if they have not slept during the day. In some cases where the babies are breast fed they sleep as soon as they are fed but the moment they feel hungry they again get up to be fed more. It surely takes time for the baby to enter into a routine cycle of sleep. So if you baby is not sleeping then do not panic – here are few simple tips which will help you to put your baby sleep better. As he will grow he will lots of changes in his sleep and finally they will sleep like normal adults sleep.

You can check out for some of the simple tips which ensure that your baby sleeps well at night. You should keep your child active during the day so that the child will understand the difference between day time and nights.

  • Allow your baby to sleep on their own – all adults have a sleeping cycle and the same is with the babies. They have shorter time of sleep between the light sleep and deep sleep. You should allow the baby to snooze on their own. Try and lay them on their back and let them play – once they start playing on their own lying on their back and after some activities they feel tired and start to snooze on their own. This will help the baby to learn sleeping on their own and also sleep for a longer period of time. You need to be very patient while you are following this regime. The babies are accustomed to such methods over a period of time.
  • Fix regular nap time and bed time – you need to choose and finalize the nap time of the baby and also the bed time as per the schedule of their parents. In case of newborn babies the signs are like rubbing their eyes, yawning little or ear pulling but since the baby is grown up little older you can slowly start generating nap times and sleep times. For e.g. you can set the nap time at nine in the morning and bed time at eight in the night. Same way you can set nap time at 12 in the morning and bed time at around 9 in the night. This is you can set according to the completion of your household chores. You need not be very precise – you need to be flexible but still make sure that the baby is following proper nap time and bed time. This will help you also to schedule your household work and also your sleep routine. In case you are a working couple then you can easily work out with this method.

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