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Sleeping correctly is very essential for a healthy living. One should know how much to sleep and also how to sleep. Even though one might be sleeping for about 8 to 9 hours in a day, one might probably not be feeling fresh and good. Have you ever thought about that? It could be because you are not sleeping in the right way. Learn about the best way to sleep in this article.

Well, we spend about one third of our day in the bed and if we adapt thebest way to sleep, it will help us in a big way. While, there are people who feel energetic after their beauty sleep, there are others who feel so tired that they can’t do anything much once they are awake. Maybe, the sleeping postures that the people adopt could be the problem areas.

What is the best ways to sleep:

  • On the back: This is the best way to sleep. Both the legs should be kept straight. The knees should not slide up otherwise it can cause a twisting of the pelvis. If your hips are open, then you will be causing a stress to the hip joints with rotation. So, it would be good to prop the outer calves.
  • On the sides: This is supposedly the best posture for sleeping. One should sleep on the side and keep the legs joined together. The body faces less stress this way. The pelvis is situated correctly and the body gets a calming and comforting effect. It will also be quite useful for the nervous system. One can also try placing pillows between legs. In fact, sleeping on the right side is believed to be more beneficial than sleeping on the left side. That will be good for the heart and keep one healthy.

Postures to avoid:

  • One of the worst forms of sleeping postures is sleeping on the tummy. If a person sleeps on the stomach, then he is doing more damage to himself than good. The lower back of the person gets compressed during the night and the neck and head will be twisting in the extremes. This will lead to cramps in the neck and cervical problems.
  • Another sleeping posture which is to be avoided is sleeping on the side with the leg hiked up. This position will twist the pelvis area.

If you are not able to make changes to your sleeping styles overnight, try to tie your legs together with a bathrobe belt or some soft ropes.

Once you know the best way to sleep, you will be able to get a good sleep. A healthy sleeping habit will make you feel more energetic. Try to avoid the wrong postures so that you don’t end up having back pains or neck pains. Sleep well and get a good quality sleep so that you feel efficient and energetic the next day. A good posture and sleep position will make sure that the sleep is fruitful. Sleep well and be recharged.

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