Employ the Best Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Acne is painful, troublesome and the pain and trouble are doubled if acne leaves behind scars that cannot be treated naturally or through topical treatments. Deep acne scars occur when breakouts are deep seated or penetrate deeper into the skin. As breakouts clear up one’s body does try to heal the scars left behind. In some cases time is the best cure as marks fade away easily. However, scars that are pitted can never heal naturally and laser treatment for acne scars is the last resort for individuals who suffer from acne. Fortunately, laser treatments for acne scars produce great results and the appearance of scars lessens from the very first session.

Types of acne scars

Acne scars can be categorized as being a depressed scar or a raised scar. Depressed scars are formed when the body is unable to produce enough collagen to make the skin resilient. Deep pits and uneven patches are both forms of depressed acne scars. On the contrary, a raised scar forms a bump on the surface of one’s skin. This happens when one’s body produces too much collagen to heal acne scarring. Even after the depression is healed the body keeps producing collagen and the excessive amount leads to a bump.

Laser treatment

Treating stubborn acne scars by using natural remedies is not a possibility. This is precisely why individuals are constantly looking for information regarding the best and most affordable laser treatment for acne scars.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL and laser are now being considered as revolutionary form of treatment for scars that were otherwise difficult to treat. Through these laser treatments the top layers of the skin receive laser light in the form of ultra short pulses of micro fine light. Next, one’s body own natural healing process starts. The damaged tissue is discarded naturally as collagen begins to make its way into the scar. After collagen has accomplished its task smooth new skin is revealed. Depending upon the size of the affected area, sessions lasting 40 minutes or more are required. In just 6 sessions one’s skin will be redefined. Laser treatments require around two months for exhibiting drastic improvements. After such treatments the overall texture of skin also improves and one’s skin appears rejuvenated. The best part is that these treatments are effective for all skin types. The overall appearance of one’s skin improves after laser resurfacing. Plus, it also ensures removal of acne scars.

Types of laser treatments       

Before laser treatment starts a dermatologist will assess the type of acne scars his/her patient has. Next, depending upon the scars the most effective treatment is employed. Types of laser treatments are listed below:

  1. Frazel Laser: Consists of a laser which is non abrasive hence, there is no vaporization of tissue involved. Laser energy is used to heat columns of tissue. This is the laser energy that boosts the production of collagen, thus filling up scars.
  2. Pixilation: Offers state of the art technology for skin resurfacing. This treatment mode involves small laser points that are pin sized and that can penetrate skin for comprehensive resurfacing.

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