Using homemade solutions to get your skin’s glow back

Everyone wants to look perfect and looking perfect means having a skin which not only glows, but stay fair and flawless. But, sometimes, thanks to all the pollutants, sun rays and dirt, our skin takes a hampering and ends up dull and unglamorous. This is why, it is very important that one should take all the steps to recover the lost glory of one’s skin. And, rather than going for chemicals based cosmetics and creams, it is better if you clear your skin the natural way. How you may ask? Well it is easy, and what’s more, you will only have to use home based materials which are commonly available.

Using Lemons to clear your skin:

The moment you start thinking about home remedies for skin, lemons shall instantly come to your mind. Lemons have various benefits, and they are not only used for cooking and acidic reasons, but can also be used as a remedy for skin care at home. The acidic nature of the lemon helps your skin to get a re-birth if you apply it. This is because; lemons contain vitamin C, which is good for your skin, and when you start regularly applying it, you will yield various benefits. For example; lemon juice can help to remove dead cells in your skin and they also promote the reduction of dark spot in your skin because of its bleaching properties.

How to use it; Well you can scrub the lemon juice over your face and skin and wash it with water daily, and you can also use honey with it for better results. To exfoliate, you can use sugar and the juice, and then rinse.

Using Turmeric as a remedy:

Turmeric usage is very beneficial for you and your skin because of the antiseptic and skin lightening agents inside it. This in turn helps to remove and lessen the scars and other marks on your face or skin.

Besides this, turmeric can remove all types of allergic, inflammatory and infectious skin issues from your body, which is beneficial for good and bright looks.

How to use it; Well turmeric can be used in many ways, basically you can apply it with water, milk or even pineapple juice. Just make sure that after applying you should leave on the paste for 10 or 15 minutes before washing it with water.

Take the help of Cucumber to refresh up your skin:
Just like the cucumber’s property to cool the insides of your stomach when you eat; it can also cool your skin.

Cucumbers have various hydrating, nourishing and astringent agents in it, and hence it is very useful for your skin. The cucumber can be one of the home remedies for skin, as it can help the damaged skin cells by removing the dead skin cells and, in turngiving you a refreshing glow.

How to use it: Just cut into slices and leave it on your face and skin.

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