Is Shooting Methadone Dangerous Behavior

Is Shooting Methadone Dangerous Behavior

Methadone is a drug that is supposed to be taken orally, not injected. With that being said, many people have resulted to shooting the drug, but that comes with great risks. Methadone is not sterile, so it has some seriously nasty ingredients that can damage the veins and organs. When you inject Methadone, it decreases the amount of time that the drug stays in your system, which means that the withdrawal symptoms are going to come on harder and faster. This is not to even mention the fact that the government regulates needles, so it could be hard to find sterile needles.

Higher Risk of Overdose

If you shoot a Methadone pill that meant to be taken orally, you are at a much higher risk of overdose. The reason for this is because orally administered Methadone contains time-release properties. This basically means that a tiny amount of the drug is released over a period of time. However, when you shoot this type of Methadone, it means that you are getting all of the effects at once. This is return will put you at a greater risk of overdose.


Shooting any kind of drug is highly dangerous and not recommended for anyone. Since clean needles are so hard to obtain, you are probably going to end up sharing needles, which means that you are at a great risk of getting a viral infection.

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