Reasons for weight gain before period

Reasons for weight gain before period

Until I was 18 my periods were quite normal and without any visible trouble, or I assumed it that way since I had not experienced any physical-irritations, pain or any other forms of allergy whatsoever. It was only after my 18-th-birth-day celebrations that I started observing my body-changes closely. One of the reasons could be that I was trying to shed weight! That was when I bough home my first weighing machine. The first time I measured my weight, it showed 130.7 pounds, which I felt was too heavy! Then I started exercising regularly.

Within a matter of 3-4 months I had lost about 8-9 pounds due to my efforts. Just 10 days before my period’s days in the month of August, I checked my weight. My god! I had gained about 4-pounds again! This really made me worried, because I had honestly followed all the advices given in the lose-weight-naturally book! I had even eaten any fatty-food as I sued to before.

First I called up my friend Anita and spoke to her about my problem. She is two years elder to me and I thought she would certainly have a solution for me. But surprisingly she also did not know head or tail of this problem, since she had also experienced the similar problem when she was 17! But she coolly said that the problem went away after some time! This did not solve my doubts anyway and my fear started increasing! Then I told my mom about it. She only smiled and asked me to call a number!

I called that number in the evening, hoping to speak to one of her friends. But the person was a female-gynecologist who happened to be mom’s best friend also. She asked me to visit her once, which I did. She examined me once and said everything is normal! When I told her about my weight-problem she said it is natural for females to gain weight during this time due to one of the following reasons which I have shared with you.

  • Internal Water retention: This happens mainly because the water-intake is insufficient. The body has a natural-mechanism in which it preserves water to keep the sexual/reproductive-organs moist and soft. When we intake ore-water, this tendency will stop gradually.
  • The Pre period follicular cycle can also result in weight-gain: This is because the female-body is preparing for any eventual “fertilization”. The uterus-walls start thickening with protective-liquids and lipids.

Once the periods start, all the liquids will be naturally drained-out from the female-body and the weight will naturally come back to its originals! She also spoke about the peculiar-changes in this pre-period time food-habits. Some females tend to eat lots of salty and spicy-food or consume alcohol, forcing the body to retain more water and liquid-content within the body. This may also lead to increase in weight.

After speaking to her for about 30 minutes, my doubts got cleared. This is only my experience that I have shared with you about weight gain before period. If you have cleared at least one of your doubts, it is great! But the best person to find a solution is your physician.

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