Psychological dependency reduction with the 12 steps method

Psychological dependency reduction with the 12 steps method

Psychological dependency reduction

So far, the field of psychology or medical science has failed to overcome this dependency. There have been several attempts by the experts to make the patient stop this tendency to keep on “relapsing”. However notable results have not been achieved by this method. Experts who are familiar with this sort of craving choose to call it as a disease. Even the W.H.O has to some extent recognized this as an incurable disease, which has no known psychological remedy. What is the way out then?

Narcotics Anonymous (N.A)

This is a purely non-profitable and self-supporting organization, founded byJimmy-Kinnon and other group-members in the year 1953. Ever since its inception, the group has grown in all the global countries. There are no fees or any sort of dues, which you need to pay for this. This group is known to work self-sufficiently, refusing any sort of outside-help. Meetings are conducted regularly (In some cities, it is done everyday). There are no medications/drugs/ psycho-therapy or any other forced or artificial means of taking the psychological-dependency.

They follow a simple, yet powerful method called the 12-steps. If you are seriously interested to get cured, the only requirement you need to have is the desire to stop using Marijuana. The other simplest requirement is that you need to accept that you are literally power-less over the consumption of this drug and your life as a whole has become highly unmanageable due to the regular consumption of the Marijuana-Drug.

The 12-steps are literally guided by the most influential strength called the Higher-Power. You may choose to call it by any name whatsoever, it does not matter. But you need to have faith that only the H.P can keep you away from your dangerous obsession, that too only one-day at a time. Some call this method highly ridiculous, because it has not worked necessarily in all the cases. But if you take a look at the positive side of this group today, there are literally millions of people who have managed to keep away from marijuana deaths, which are being reported almost every other day.

Those who have really surrendered their Higher-power and followed the 12-steps are leading a happy and contented life, without the fear of relapse.

Psychological treatment

This treatment too lasted for about 2-3 months. Then they recommended that he try N.A 12-steps. His programs were fixed within the detox-center where he underwent physical-detox. Once he started following the 12-steps clearly, his condition began to improve gradually. The program was supposed to be one-day-at-a-time only. However, he was blessed to continue in the program and managed to stay away from his poisonous magical-drug one-day-at-a-time. It has been 5 years since he is clean and happy.

The Team

The Team

The team is composed of doctors and few students in their final year of medicine who have decided to popularize and share their knowledges for the largest numbers of people.

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The Team
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