Prevent Hangovers with Best Food for a Hangover

Prevent Hangovers with Best Food for a Hangover

No matter what occasion you are celebrating you should know how to prevent a hangover. You would not want to spend the next day on a couch or bent over the toilet. Numerous researchers have found that by eating some specific food items before, during and after drinking you might be able to experience little to no effects of a hangover. Listed below are some food items which will help you in preventing a hangover:

  • Asparagus: After numerous studies it has been found that asparagus is the best food for a hangover. Eat it before or while drinking. The extracts of asparagus boost the enzymes in our body and help in breakdown of alcohol. Eating asparagus helps even if you have a hangover the next day.
  • Prickly pear: It is a cactus fruit that possesses anti inflammatory agents. These agents treat the damage caused by drinking alcohol. This fruit can be consumed directly, in the form of a pill or extract and in the form of tea. If you consume it five hours before drinking, then you will have lesser chances of experiencing a hangover.
  • Coconut water: Do not drink sports drinks as these electrolyte rich drinks, are unable to bring back balance in your body’s chemistry. Coconut water boosts electrolyte concentration naturally. You can also use organic coconut water powder if it is readily available.
  • Banana: Are you still feeling shaky after drinking heavily last night? Grab a banana and improve your muscle stability with the protein rich fruit.
  • Eggs: Eggs stabilize your blood sugar levels. A chemical called cystine is present in eggs as they are protein rich. This chemical breaks down the toxins. Eggs are effective brain food and also replenish the supplies of vitamin B in your body.
  • Water: Alcohol pushes all the water out of your system and later draws it from the body. It also pulls water from the brain resulting in a headache. Drink water before going to bed or the next day after waking up. It is necessary to keep rehydrating your body while drinking.
  • Peppermint tea: It is an herbal tea which is a perfect remedy for a hangover. It prevents nausea and reduces stomach pain. This tea is often preferred by pregnant women to relieve them of morning sickness.
  • Chicken noodle soup: The morning after when you are already suffering from a hangover it is an apt option as it restores sodium and water levels in your body. Chicken and vegetables also boost your energy levels.
  • Crackers with honey: Choose a whole-wheat cracker as it is loaded with preservatives. They are made up of simple carbs which increase the blood sugar level without disturbing your stomach. Honey which is laden with fructose burns alcohol quickly.

The best food for a hangover is any food item which fills your stomach partly. Avoid drinking on an empty stomach as effects your brain sooner and can cause severe headache and hangover the next day.

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