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Is It Bad to Sleep with a Bra On ? [RUMOR & FACTS]

Whether sleeping with a bra is a good idea or not, is a question that has troubled the minds of women for a very long time.

Although every woman spends the entire daytime of their lives wearing a bra, they often find it difficult to decide whether the habit of sleeping in a bra is a good one or not.

That is the reason, why they depend on too many speculations and queries about what they should do.

The cancer rumor:

It is a question that has different answers from every woman whom you ask is it bad to sleep with a bra on or not.

Some will say that there can be too many medical difficulties and issues when you sleep wearing a bra.

The commonest tension and risk that they fear is of welcoming cancer.


Even after rigorous medical researchers there has been found no evidence that establishes the association between cancer and wearing bra.

The fact:

The basic reason behind wearing a bra is to avoid the breasts from drooping and becoming saggy.

As the gravitational pull always pulls everything down, the breasts also do not get to escape it.


It is very important that you bolster the breasts to avoid from the sagging due to this pull.


When you wear the bra throughout the day to keep the breasts strong and firm, there is no solid reason why you should not do that during the long eight hours of your sleep.

Although many women wonder and ask is it bad to sleep with a bra on, the fact is that it is not.

It is the best way in which you can retain the shape of your breasts even when you reach the post-menopausal state.

Wearing a bra even during sleeping will help you to maintain the shape and the size and prevent the dropping of the breasts that is medically called breast ptosis.

Choose a comfortable bra:

When you decide to wear a bra all the while, even during sleeping, it is very important that you choose one that will give you comfort.

A bra that is not comfortable enough, will not give you the peace of your mind and you will never get a comfortable sleep.


It is a matter of habit that you choose a bra that you wear a bra during sleeping without any difficulties at all, choosing the right bra is crucial.

In that is the case

It is highly recommended that a soft bra that is of the perfect size is the right one to choose.

Many women make the mistake of choosing a bra that is not of their size and is smaller.

But the right thing to do is to find a bra that is comfortable.

In the recent times

There have been too many designs available in the market and some are specially made as night bras.

Choosing them will give you the peace of mind that you are wearing the right one.

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