Speaking about possibilities of getting pregnant before periods

Speaking about possibilities of getting pregnant before periods

If you have a question regarding can you get pregnant before your period, the answer could be “yes” as well as “No”. It is “yes” because it happens in the cases of women who have shorter periods cycles. The answer is also no because these cases are very rare in nature! Now the question is why does a period-cycle get shorter than its normal routines? One of the reasons for this is the imbalance in the estrogen-hormones. When this happens, the ovulation happens in less than 21-days time frame, instead of the normal-cycle, which takes about 21-35-days.

If such a situation arises and the female happens to have sexual inter course during that period, the possibilities of getting pregnant definitely exist, otherwise no. One of the best ways is to test it through the pregnancy-testing-kit. You will get a clear idea about it. Even you don’t have the kit with you yet; you will still be able to gauge it by feeling the position of the cervix membrane. It will be closed and soft if you are pregnant. If you are almost near the ovulation period, it will be open and highly soft in nature.

This is because of a simple reason. The cervix membrane exists between the vagina and the uterus. When ovulation happens, it remains open in order to allow the fertilized egg to enter the uterus. This will be normally closed during the non ovulating times. Once the ovulation has happened and the fertilization occurred, the path will get closed after allowing the fertilized egg into the womb-region. Even if the fertilization does not happen, the process of menstruation starts and the cervix-opening automatically gets closed, coming back to its normal position of closed and hard in nature.

How to avoid pregnancy during this period?

If you have experienced short periods quite often, you will need to make a note of the variation pattern first. This is mainly because the short menstrual cycles will not be uniform in time gap. They may vary without any fixed-pattern, depending upon the status of hormones during that particular-period. Hence it is suggested that

  • You stay away from intercourse from 9-10 days in the pre-period-cycles.
  • You opt for any non-pill based protection like for example female-condom (Or male-condom).
  • The consumptions of contraceptive-pills are usually avoided because they “may” also negatively affect your periods cycles, if you happen to be already having problems with them.
  • If you are married, have enough children (!) and do not wish to get pregnant again, the best solution for you would be to have a tubectomy-surgery performed.

How to get pregnant before period?

If you are serious about getting-pregnant-before-period, the best time for you would be to wait till your fertility-period! This would be 4-5 days before your ovulation-period and even on the day of your ovulation. The concept of 4-5 days before is suggested because of the survival-period of the sperm which is about 6-7 days in your fallopian-tube, compared to the egg, which is not more than 24-hours. That means if you copulate in this period of 4-5 days before your ovulation has started, the sperm will be waiting to fertilize the egg, provided both are healthy and fertile in nature.

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