How your dogs get heartworm disease

Well, when you have a pet, especially if he or she is a dog, there are many reasons you should take care of it. Why, you ask? Well, certainly because of the fact that they can catch diseases and issues quickly, at least, faster than us. So, if you are a dog owner, you must have heard about various issues affecting your beloved pet. And, we are sure, you must have heard, about the heartworms problems they sometimes get or catch. Now, many people know about this problem, but they do not know how exactly it happens or occurs and how it gets to their pets. So, let us address the elephant in the room;

Why exactly do the dogs get the heartworms problems?

You might think there are many answers to the question of how do dogs get heartworms. But, unfortunately for you, there is only one single answer. And, well, in one simple word; it happens by getting bitten by infected mosquitos. Now, as simple as that it may sound, but that is the fact. There is no other source for this problem to get to your pet apart from the flying mosquitos. The mosquitos, although they are not the original source of the problem, carry this disease with them and if they bite your pet, then your pet will get the heartworms. Hence, it is better to make sure that your dog doesn’t get bitten any kind of mosquitos, because detecting where a possible perpetrator is, can be impossible.

How does that happen, is it so easy?

Yes, it can happen anywhere and mosquitos of any area can carry this problem with them. And, for your information, just one single bite of the mosquito can leave your pet infected with the heartworm larvae and with its subsequent diseases.
Also, when someone tells you, our area doesn’t have heartworm; he or she is being a bit optimistic. Because, with it can be anywhere and you will have to deal with it.

But, the disease takes time to mature:

Now, that is right, for example; it takes about 7 mounts to mature from the day your dog was bitten by a heartworm diseases infected mosquito. This is because; it takes that much time for the larvae to grown up into big heartworms. And, once they are in, they can stick to various places of your dog’s body.

However, mosquitos are not the original source of the heartworm disease right?

Of course they are not, they just carry it. Now, the heartworm disease starts with another infected animal. And, hence that animal is the exact source. That animal will have microfilaria in its blood. And if a mosquito bites that animal and takes the microfilaria with it, and then bites your dog after some time, your dog can get the problem. We hope, this answers all your questions about how do dogs get heartworms disease.

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