How to treat your dog’s ear infection?

Ear infection is probably the most common diseases that the pets suffer from and that is the reason, why they have to visit the vets. The cause of the infection can be dependent on the atmosphere in which it is living, cleanliness and also the food that it is fed upon.

What are the signs?

Scratching the ears is the commonest of signs that one will get to notice in the dogs, but there are other signs too that they must look at carefully. When you find your dog constantly rubbing the ears, you must get a close look at its ears. If you find that there is a bad odour coming out of the ears and there is swelling and redness in the ears, it will be a clear indication that the dog has got an infectious ear.

When you discover that your pet dog has got infection in its ears and before you look for home remedies for dog ear infection, you must get to know about the reason behind the infection. Usually fungal infection and growth of bacteria in the ears of the dogs are common reasons for this, but ear mites are also equally responsible for growing such infection. If the dog is allergic to something but still comes into contact with that or eats food that does not suit him, he will get to grow infection. In some of the cases, those dogs which are prone to swimming grow more infections in their ears as the pool or pond water go into their ears.

How to treat the infection?

Taking the dog to the vet is a good idea to give your pet relief from the pain and itching and to stop the infection from growing further by giving it the medicines and antibiotics that the vet prescribes. But apart from doing so, it is also very important that you take regular care of your pet at home. If your dog loves swimming in the pool, it is your responsibility to clean its ears to get rid of the water that goes in.One of the best home remedies for dog ear infection is that you use a cleansing solution and clean the ears with cotton buds.

As long as your dog can take the pain, you can continue to use the solution and pull out the debris from the ear through a cotton ball or bud. But make sure not to use any alcohol based solution as the ear will be intolerant to alcohol. You should also be careful not to use the Q-buds, as they will push the debris further. Regular care is the best remedy to give your pet dog relief from ear infection.

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