Heartworms: A very harmful parasites for pets

Heartworms are very dangerous things for pets, especially dogs. The reason behind this disease is mosquito biting. Dirofilaria immitis is the source o transformer of the disease. They comes to the body of a mosquito when they bite the host then transmitted to the body of a pets when the mosquito bites a pet. The parasite stay in the saliva of a mosquito so, after biting it comes to the body of a pet. It is very harmful for a dog.  It is a very infectious parasite and spread in a random manner. Lungs of pets get affected by this parasite. So coughing, breathing problem starts after getting affected. Collapse occurs if you do not take a proper action.

Some early signs of Heartworm disease

It would be better for you if you find some early signs of heartworms if your dog is affected by it. If your pet is affected it would feel very weak. Even after getting a proper nutrition it will not be able to play properly. Doing exercises, running properly will be difficult jobs for it. Coughing is another important symptom of heartworms attack. Dry and soft cough troubles a pet for long if it is affected by the same parasite. Heartworm affected dogs get fainted after doing hard exercises or long running. As this parasite drastically spread in lungs so they cannot inhale a proper amount of oxygen.

Effect of Heartworms on pets

The heartworm spreads drastically is pets lungs. These parasites make them very weak and inactive. Pets feel sleepy all the time. Body weight becomes lesser day by day.  Affected dogs would not like to play or go outside. They become lethargic and thin. Anorexia starts. They suffer from breathing problem. The lungs get affected very badly.  Precaution has to be taken very early or death is inevitable. So disease recognition is very important in early days. Signs of heartworms in dogs have to be detected as soon as possible then only proper treatment or medicine can give you a fruitful result.

Consult with a doctor if you notice an abnormality

You will get a fruitful result if you consult with a well educated and certified doctor only. Reputable doctors of animals have a vast knowledge about this disease as it is very common among pets. Doctors will give you proper advice to keep your pet fit and fine. Keep them under check up in a certain intervals to make them and keep them disease free. If you find any one of the primary signs of heartworm given above please consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Signs of heartworms in dogs are very popular and easy to understand.

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