Give a free life to your four leggy child from heartworm disease

We brought up our loving pets by taking care of the children of our own. Pets like dogs are the special friend of human beings to keep them occupied and free from any tensions. However, the infectious diseases do not leave them at all. Most common diseases affecting the dogs are the heartworm disease. This is a dangerous one to infect the pet dogs through the bite of mosquitoes. However, the good news is its preventive solution that is available for the concerned owners. Get a glimpse of the disease and ways of prevention before you deal with the infection of pet dog.

Heartworm infection in dogs

This is a parasitic presence of the worms growing inside the chambers of dog’s heart and big blood vessels. If this infection settles inside the body for a long time without proper treatment, then it may take the life away from your favorite child. The worm blocks the blood flow to the heart and lungs. You have the chance of prevention and detection of the disease at the early time to save the danger of your pet. The symptom of the infection is the sound of the tiredness in the pet. The lack of oxygen flow in the body makes them tired and exhausted in activity. Coughing is another symptom to suspect the condition. If you notify the decrease of activity of your dog, then check up on the vet doctor and carry out necessary tests as early as possible.

The medicines available in the market

The growing cases of heartworm infection have created cautions among pet owners and researchers. Presently several drug companies have launched heartworm medicine for dogs to give them a chance to be free from disease. Chewable medicines are available to select and prescribed for the condition. However, you must consult your doctor to circle in the causes of health deterioration of pet dog. Monthly pills are available to prevent the presence of parasites from the dog’s body. Immiticide is the prescribed medication for the dogs suffering from an infection. This is given in injective way, so the medicine kills the fully grown parasites present in blood vessels.

The tests to suspect the condition

To stay on the safe side, go through a routine blood test, X-ray of the chest and other imaging programmes if needed. This gives a clear picture of the infection present inside. Overall cost of the heartworm medicine for dogs in preventive period is lesser than curing medicines. However, the cost does not go over $1000 at any time. There is heartworm medicine as lower as $300 to cover the margin of cost.

If you love your four leggy child, then take care of his or her health by giving them monthly preventive medicine of heartworm. This keeps them on the safe side from this infective disease.

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