Choose the Right Flea Meds for Cats

You do not want to cuddle with a cat that has fleas unless you want the fleas to jump on you. You can help your cat and also get rid of the fleas in your home.

Cats are considered as the perfect pets since they are relatively independent. If you provide a few basic necessities, like a clean box for litter, access to nutritious food and fresh water, they do not demand anything else.

They do not demand constant care from you and remain as a part of your life without much hassle. However, this benefit can sometimes become a problem when fleas start settling on your cat.

Check if it is fleas?

Analyze your cat and see if it is fleas that are infesting it. If you see any movement in your cat’s fur and find tiny bugs bouncing off it then you need to get flea meds for cats to protect your pet and yourself. Use a fine-toothed metal flea comb to comb your cat from head to tail. Repeat this several times a day to get rid of fleas and also help your cat in scratching its itch. You need not always go for medicines as the first choice, take the flea comb and dip it in a mixture of liquid dish detergent and water. Comb it through your cat’s fur and instantly kill the fleas on its body.

Keep Your Feline Flea-Free

Your cat’s furry, warm coat and blood supply provide nourishment to the fleas. In order to protect your cat from fleas purchase flea meds for cats which you can apply to them. Spot-on products are more effective, safer and more convenient when compared to traditional shampoos, sprays, flea collars and dust. You can contact your vet and buy the best product suitable for your pet. You can also buy them on the internet.

Ask your vet for instructions regarding the application of these products. The questions that will come to your mind are the quantity of the medicine to be used, how often should it be used and where on your cat should you put it. If you have bought the product through the internet read the label to make sure that the product is suitable for cats. Also read the instructions carefully before using this medicine.

There are medicines which you can mix in the cat food and let your pet eat it. You can also get medicines in the form of injection. Your cat should get this injection once in every six months. It does not kill the fleas but prevents them from reproducing on and around your cat. There are medicines available which will kill the fleas on your cat’s body within 30 minutes. Before using these products you should check if they have any side-effects.

Clean your home

After you have managed to get rid of all the fleas from your cat’s fur, it is time for you to clean your home. Vacuum every day and wash beddings and covers once in a week. You should also use chemicals which kill these fleas if they are present anywhere in your house.

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