Exploring The Question Why My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing

Sneezing is a sudden involuntary outflow of air from the lungs through the nose or mouth. Humans, cats, and dogs can all sneeze and sometimes it is just a harmless reaction to an irritation. However, if your dog won’t stop sneezing it could signal infections, upper airway obstructions, allergies, and other conditions of the upper respiratory tract. Below you will learn more information about the reasons your dog might not be able to stop sneezing.


Constant sneezing can be caused by several different ailments. Here is a list of the most common causes of this reaction.

  • Infectious diseases : just about any infectious disease that attacks the upper respiratory system can cause your dog to sneeze. With a dog this could mean anything from kennel cough to distemper virus.
  • Upper airway obstructions : cancers, polyps, foreign bodies, or excess tissue in the upper airways can cause irritation in the nasal passage, which would result in sneezing.
  • Allergies : dogs can suffer from allergies that affect the nasal passages, just like a human. While allergic rhinitis is much more common in humans than dogs it does occur in dogs.
  • Inhaled irritants : your dog can inhale certain irritants that will make him or her constantly sneeze. Some of these irritants could be pollen, carpet powders, perfumes, or dust.

What You Can Do

If your dog is constantly sneezing, it would be best to take him to the vet. However, there are a few things that you can try at home first.

  • Confine your pet : place your dog is a crate in a bedroom or bathroom to monitor his or her behavior.
  • Relaxation : it is best to not take your dog on any long walks while he or she is suffering from constant sneezing.

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