Do Flea Collars Work Well?

Do flea collars work is the one question that many pet owners are baffled by. They struggle to find the answer as they cannot bear to see their adorable pet suffering with an infestation of fleas. Flea collars are ideally suggested as a preventive measure against a flea infestation. They gradually kill adult fleas that may be infesting one’s pet.

Flea collars are available for both cats and dogs. They are plastic collars that release pesticides which result in the death and eradication of fleas. Based on functionality flea collars can be divided into two types. The first variant emits a pesticide in the form of a gas. This gas kills fleas that are present in close proximity to it. This collar is unable to end the entire infestation especially in large dogs, as it does not cover the entire body. The second variant of the flea collar is one that releases a chemical substance which is gradually absorbed into the pet’s skin. This substance then kills fleas which bite the pet.

Advantages of a flea collar

Flea collars are affordable when compared to the other flea medication or control systems that are currently present in the market. Flea collars also happen to last longer than other products and solutions. In fact, some brands even boast that their flea collars remain effective for as long as a year.

Disadvantages of a flea collar

Flea collars are not a comprehensive solution to a flea infestation as they are incapable of killing every flea that is infesting one’s pet. Some adult fleas that are present in the vicinity of the collar die but the rest remain safe and continue the infestation. The chemical substances that are released by these flea collars are quite strong and they tend to irritate the skin of pets. In some cases the toxicity of these chemicals has resulted in illnesses and the death of pets. Additionally, not all pet owners will be able to adjust to the odor of these gases and chemicals.

The worst disadvantage of all is that pets often find these collars uncomfortable and try to gnaw at them. If pets succeed at ripping the collar off chances are that they might ingest poisonous chemicals that may prove to be fatal. In cases where pets survive after accidental ingestion of toxins they continue their life struggling with a wide variety of maladies.


Do flea collars work well is another question that generally plagues pet owners. The aforementioned points answer this question well. While flea collars do work they are more disadvantageous than they are advantageous. The risk of accidental ingestion is also a terrifying prospect as owners do not want to endanger the lives of their pets. Hence, it is highly recommended that owners use oral flea control medication and shampoos that can be rinsed off completely. A flea collar is definitely not worth risking the wellbeing and life of one’s pet despite its affordability and long lasting results. It should always be borne in mind that disadvantages outweigh the number of advantages.

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