Effective ways to overcome hair loss during pregnancy

Effective ways to overcome hair loss during pregnancy

There are many physiological-changes that take place within your body during pregnancy. The changes also happen in the skin regions including scalp. These are mainly due to the changes in the moisture and oil content in the scalp region, making it dry. Once dryness sets in, it naturally leads to hair-loss. According to leading experts, 90-95% of the hair will be in the normal phase, while the remaining 5-10% may start falling off and make way for new hair to replace them.

In some cases however, the rate of hair-fall may increase beyond this 10%. One of the known reasons for this type of hair loss is known to be Effluvium-condition, in which 60-70% of hair from the scalp areas due to stress. This is said to be an auto-repairing condition, meaning no known treatments exist to overcome this problem. This is said to go away after a period of time. However, there are natural remedies for this condition.

One such method is said to be massage treatment with coconut oil, Aloe vera extract, turmeric water bath etc. You will need to consistently moisturize your scalp area and keep it away from any sort of physical-stress. The other known treatment is the controlled-diet. You will need to consume fatty acids content foods like walnuts, shrimp, cauliflower, beef and tofu.

Dry scalp is another reason for rapid hair loss during pregnancy. One of the reasons is said to be lack of proper bowel movement during this time. It usually results in release of toxic elements into the blood stream. One of the areas that get affected is the blood in the scalp-region, making it go dry. As a result, the follicles lose their hold over the hypodermis region and result in hair loss.

One of the best known treatments for this problem is to make your bowel movements free and keep away from constipation and other problems.

  • Pure-water: Yes, this is one of the most effective treatments you can have. Drink lots of pure water during the day. According to experts, you can consume a maxim about 3-4liters of water in a day. Don’t worry; excess of water will not make you fat! In fact it can help in removing fat, cholesterol and other toxic-elements from your body and blood. This will purify your blood.
  • Oil-Massage: This is the second-stage of treatment you will need. Apply coconut-oil/olive-oil, aloe-vera-extract on your scalp areaand let it soak overnight. You can wash it off in the morning with water at room-temperature. It is recommended that you avoid the usage of hot water for a while.
  • Keep your scalp-area away from direct sun-light and heat.
  • If your problem still persists, it would be wise to consult your dermatologist and get the proper prescription to stop the loss of hair and promote its growth.
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