All You Need To Know About Mixing Suboxone and Adderall

All You Need To Know About Mixing Suboxone and Adderall

There are many individuals that suffer from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a very detrimental disorder, which can negatively impact an individual’s life. Thankfully, there are some medications, including Adderall, which are capable of decreasing the effects of ADHD. Some individuals have wondered about mixing Suboxone and Adderall. Is this possible and safe? Below, you will learn about mixing these two substances.

A Negative Result

There are many people that consume one of these medications. Suboxone is capable of helping an individual fight off their cravings for narcotics. On the other hand, Adderall can calm an individual down and help curb their ADHD symptoms. When used together, the results are usually negative. Many users admit that they did not feel the Suboxone and insist that the Adderall only increases their cravings for other illicit medications. This is not the type of result that you’re after, as a Suboxone user, who is trying to break free of other drugs.

How to Use Suboxone and Adderall Safely

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If you’re intent on switching off of Suboxone and consuming Adderall, you need to do so properly. Consuming the drugs together inappropriate can be incredibly dangerous! Before you take Adderall, you need to wait until the Suboxone has tapered off and dissipated from your system. This will help to ensure that no negative side effects are experienced. It’ll also ensure that you’ll actually benefit from the Adderall.


Before you attempt to use these medications, you should wait until the Suboxone has completely left your system. This will help to ensure that you do not feel any negative side effects and will actually allow you to benefit from the Adderall.

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  1. Thedude June 16, 22:30 Reply
    Anyone ever get a swollen forehead when useing this mix?
  2. ramon0311 August 20, 14:36 Reply
    I fully disagree. I went from 2mg of subutex to .25mg of subutex in 2 months after starting 30mg of adderall. To me, the adderall replaces the subutex. I can literally substitute them. Yes, the adderall makes me more awake, and the subutex would definitely make me more sleepy usually, but I have no interaction with the 2 at the 2mg or below level. Now, that said, I took 3mg of subutex with 20mg of adderall and that was weird. But, I have hardly any cravings for the subutex when taking adderall (even when adderall is in my system). In short, adderall helped me cut my dose of subutex into 1/8th of what it was only 60 days earlier. Thoughts? Thanks! -A 7- year sub user, 6 month Adderall user
  3. Sassy September 01, 09:46 Reply
    Hi Im trying to find out if its safe to take paxil, suboxone and adderall close together. I cant seem to find an answer no how. Can anyone answer this for me.
  4. Former IV junky September 25, 00:44 Reply
    I like how accurate and full of factual information this page is. Im thoroughly impressed. Id imagine the author of this page actually took the time to google both of these drugs and probably read most of the wikipedia on at least one of the. Clearly highly educated I bet they even have a GED. I say that because this is clearly a very educated guess. "Many users admit (admit makes sense here because it sounds like admittance of guilt. Suboxone is only ever used to treat addiction and addicts are bad people.) that they did not feel the Suboxone and insist (They insist!! I mean fuck. Forget double blind studies that use placebo or citing any kind of actual data or research. This is iron clad anecdotal evidence.)that the Adderall only increases their cravings for other illicit medications. (Speaking of citing other material or sources. Just who are these "many users"? Who cares if it was from reading a post on Bluelight or Opiophile from an anonymous person with a screen name of ILuvCoXnSmack." This is not the type of result that you’re after, as a Suboxone user, who is trying to break free of other drugs." Do not forget that suboxone is only for the most hardcore of ex IV heroin users. They are still criminals. In conclusion youre in a tweaker pad somewhere in the midwest. Youve got a grip of suboxone your P.O. gives you in one hand and a fat grip of stolen adderall in the other. Dont take em together or it will be negative. Nevermind how it will be negative or any examples of negative effects or the physiological mechanism that triggers them. Ultimately they are both drugs and drugs R bad. Taking them together can ONLY be...twice times as bad. Amen.
  5. Ex-junkie#234678 September 29, 18:16 Reply
    This article is vague at best and definitely doesn't constitute "everything you need to know about" these two drugs being taken together. I've taken both these medications for over a year now and haven't suffered "negative" effects. What are these mysterious negative effects or results? Where is the research data to support these claims ? Even with an attached disclaimer, someone looking for bonafied information to treat their issues could be steered in the wrong direction if coming across this article. I
    • The Team September 30, 10:16 Reply
      Some people will not feel any side effects temporarily or permanently but most are going to feel them.
  6. Anonymous October 04, 04:14 Reply
    My God--these are doctors and medical school students??!! Saying to get off of suboxone before taking Adderall? Why don't you give reasons and back up your "knowledge"? My Dr is an ADHD specialist and is a Suboxone provider also--who prescribes me both-with great results-- What is this website for? Whom is this for?
  7. IvyPhD November 28, 16:47 Reply
    So per the "professional opinion" sited here, taking Adderall on Suboxone will induce cravings in "most". Hmmm. This is not a FACT. Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine helps cravings and is prescribed for addiction ie. opiate withdrawl but is often used long term. It is also used in pain management, depression rarely and yes, in canines! It is not only for IV heroin users, any opiates and other off label uses exist. In my decades of experience in pharmacology, I know many doctors who prescribe both. No interactions reported or on warning label of either drug. On a personal note, I have not noticed any side effects, the two did not cancel each other out, cause cravings or opiate withdrawl when mixed. Also take these meds under a physicians care and as prescribed. Never share medications with anyone. Sub and benzos can interact, check with your health care professional. Never take internet advice as "gospel". Consult your doc!
  8. Anonymous January 09, 09:38 Reply
    My mother is recently affected by the narcolepsy issues and she is also experience a lot of leg and joint pains. For reducing these painful conditions, she is always using the different pain killers and now they have become an addiction to her. For the narcolepsy, she is using the adderall drug and for the addiction recovery doctors told her to use Suboxone drug. But at the same time, our physician advised me to don’t combine both these pills by temporarily stop using the adderall.

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