Itchy feet: Some remedies of such a common problem

Itchy feet: Some remedies of such a common problem

Itchy feet are a common problem and some remedies are there which you can do at your home. This is a fungal infection. It is one kind of allergies. If you have to wear shoes or socks for a long time or your cloths are not clean properly then itching problem can occur. As it is fungal problem you have to demolish the germ properly. So follow any one of the remedies or all of them to keep your feet clean and clear. That will make your feet fungal free. Cleaning is the first step to avoid any allergy and always try to wear cotton socks.

Use Mixer of Lemon juice with sugar

Squeeze a lemon and collect the juice in a container. Mix some sugar granules with this juice. Rub your feet with the mixture and use the skin of the lemon to rub properly. By this process you can make your feet germ free and clear. Lemon will help to destroy the allergies and sugar will help to remove the dead cells affected by the fungus. Fungal infection will decrease slowly with this process. So adopt this remedy to get infection free healthy feet.

Use Oatmeal with milk

Mix some oatmeal with milk and rub it on your infection affected feet. It helps to keep the moisture balance of your feet. Itching can happen for dry feet also. So oatmeal with milk can make your smoother and softer. Milk increase the moisture of the skin and oats removes the infected and destroyed cells swiftly. Home remedies for itchy feet are very easy and cheep solution. With such a little investment you will get healthy feet.

Powder or baking soda paste

Wearing socks for a long time can be a solid reason behind itching problem. So apply some power on you feet before wearing socks for a long time. It helps to reduce extra moisture of your feet.

Mix some baking soda with water and make a paste. Apply that paste on your feet and cover it with socks. It helps to reduce or remove the fungus problem. It is an easy method and do not get much time. Just put it on the infected area and cover it up and go to sleep. You will definitely get a result next day morning. Do the same things for some days and get a absolute cure.

Use tea leaves

Get a tea bag and dip it in warm water. Then apply it on your feet. It will help to clean your infected areas properly.

A lot of Home remedies for itchy feet are there. Just follow them properly. You will definitely get a fruitful result.

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