All About Drugs – Is Methadone An Opiate Blocker

All About Drugs – Is Methadone An Opiate Blocker

Throughout the years, millions of individuals have succumbed to drugs. These people have had their lives turned upside down and were forced to take actions to correct their behavior. Unfortunately, some of these individuals never did and suffered the results. Thankfully, new medications, such as Methadone, are capable of helping drug abusers fight off their urges and overcome their addictions. What is Methadone and how does it work? You will be able to find out below.

Does Methadone Block Opiates?

First and foremost, you should realize that methadone is actually an opiate blocker. If you utilize methadone and then attempt to consume an opiate, you will not feel any of the opiate’s effects. This is the case, because the methadone will block the drug from impacting your opiate receptors. This is why the drug has become so popular, as a drug abuse deterrent.

Other Uses

Of course, it should be known that methadone is also utilized for other purposes. Doctors often prescribe methadone to their patients, as a way to help relieve severe pain. Although methadone is the most common name, its brand names are dolophine and methadose. Take note that methadone can also be addictive, so you should make sure to only use it, as prescribed.


Overall, Methadone is an opiate blocker and it is frequently used to help drug abusers battle their opiate addictions. Of course, the drug itself can be somewhat addictive. Therefore, you should take it carefully and only as your doctor recommends. This will help to prevent you from getting addicted to the medication.

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