Cocaine And Xanax – Effects Of The Combinations

Cocaine And Xanax – Effects Of The Combinations

Cocaine is a highly addictive, illegal drug and should never be used. Xanax is prescribed for anxiety and should only be used as directed. Mixing these two drugs can have adverse side effects. With that being said, many people like to mix these two drugs, because they are opposites of each other. For instance, cocaine is considered an upper, which will make you feel energetic and all wired up. Whereas Xanax is considered a downer and will make you more feel calm and relaxed. Many people will do a lot of cocaine and once the cocaine is gone, they will do the Xanax, so they don’t stay up for days at a time.

Many Forms of Cocaine

Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of a coca plant. The plant is known to grow in regions of South America. There are several different chemical processes that can make two forms of cocaine.

  • Powdered cocaine: this type of cocaine is known as coke or blow, which will dissolve in water very easily. It can be snorted or injected for a high.
  • Crack cocaine: this form of cocaine is known as crack or rock. This chemical process leaves the cocaine in i’s freebase form, so that it can be smoked.
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    I just found out my 19 yr old son is using cocaine and Xanax together with friends. Any advice on how to reverse this death sentence?
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