The Side Effects Related To Hydrocodone And Weed

The Side Effects Related To Hydrocodone And Weed

Hydrocodone is an opioid that is prescribed by a licensed physician to patients that are suffering from moderate to severe pain. If the individual does not receive total pain relief or they become addicted to the drug, they will do whatever it takes to get high or free of pain. This may include smoking marijuana, after taking their regular dose of hydrocodone. Below you will discover the side effects linked to hydrocodone and weed.


Many American states have legalized the use of prescription marijuana. This allows the physician to monitor the patient’s use of the drug, but this does not mean that the user will not abuse the drug. While many individuals may be prescribed this stimulant, other users are not, but this does not deter them from smoking it.

Many scientific researchers believe that cannabis is very effective in treating chronic pain and specified mental illnesses.

Side Effects – Mood alterations, difficulty concentrating, constipation, poor coordination, lack of concentration, drowsiness, and generalized numbness sensation


Many people will take their regular dose of hydrocodone, which is very effective in treating moderate to severe pain, but this does nothing for their depression or anxiety. Many people that suffer from severe pain, along with anxiety or panic attacks will tend to use both drugs simultaneously. This way they can get total relieve from their symptoms, so they can live a somewhat normal life.

Side Effects – Cough headache, nasal congestion, constipation, nausea, back pain, dry mouth, frequent urinating, and itchy skin

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If you consider taking hydrocodone and weed simultaneously, you should familiarize yourself with the risks. Never operate machinery or drive a vehicle, while under the influence of these drugs.

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