How Long Does It Take For Suboxone To Kick In

How Long Does It Take For Suboxone To Kick In

If you have never taken Suboxone before, but have been recently prescribed it, you most likely have a lot of questions that need answered. There are many factors to consider, before you actually begin your maintenance therapy, but one thing is for sure this may be your best alternative to combating your opiate addiction.

Buprenorphine Peak Levels

Suboxone is comprised of buprenorphine and naloxone, which is very effective in treating heroin addiction. The peak levels are considered the highest concentration of a particular drug in the bloodstream. Buprenorphine peak levels ranges around 90-100 minutes, which is fairly quick, so you will begin to feel the effects, within this time frame.

It is never easy to combat the opiate withdrawal, which is why many addicts will relapse, because they cannot tolerate the withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone works by blocking the opiate receptors in the brain, while alleviating the symptoms, which makes it a great alternative for heroin withdrawal.

How Long Does Suboxone Take to Work

Suboxone will begin working between 1.5-2 hours, which is fairly quick, which is important to someone that is trying to combat a serious addiction. It is important to stay calm and allow the medication to work its magic, so you can become free of your addiction.

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