Outstanding Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Outstanding Home Remedies for Oily Skin

Maintenance of oily skin is no less than a hassle. Oily skin is prone to acne and attracts dirt and grime more than other skin types do. Individuals with oily skin tend to have larger pores which can easily develop blackheads, whiteheads and various other skin irritations. Women experience oilier skin while menstruation, menopause, pregnancy or during the intake of birth control pills. To control the excessive production of sebum one should never use harmful chemicals as they may end up damaging the skin. Mild and effective home remedies for oily skin should be used instead of expensive products that dry out one’s skin.

Amazing home remedies

  • Lemon juice: The citric acid in lemons works as an all natural astringent, which is why it effectively eliminates sebum, dirt and grime. Lemons are renowned for their antiseptic properties, hence any irritation that you may have will also be treated. Lemon juice restores the pH balance of your skin and lightens scars through its skin brightening properties. Lemon juice is perfect for oily skin which is why most high end products contain lemon extract.

Extract 1tbsp juice from a lemon and dilute it with ½ tbsp of distilled water. Next, dip regular cotton balls into the solution and apply this solution all over your face and neck. You may have oily skin, but lemon juice can prove to be drying even for your skin type. Hence, be cautious and wash off this solution after 10 minutes. Distilled water should be substituted with honey if you are worried about drying out your skin. This mixture can be left on for 15 minutes after which it should be rinsed using cold water. Results will be visible within 10 days.

  • Cucumbers: Cucumbers are full of cooling and soothing properties. These properties also make cucumbers a great astringent, which is why it is beneficial for oily skin. Nutrients that make cucumbers the best among all home remedies for oily skin are Vitamin A, Vitamin E, potassium and magnesium.

Grate a fresh cucumber and use the pulp to apply the juice that oozes. One you have applied this juice leave it on overnight or at least for three hours. Rinse the juice using warm water. You can also add 1tsp of lemon juice to the pulp of a cucumber and apply it if you want to reduce the appearance of any blemishes that you may have.

  • Apples: Apples contain mild antiseptic properties. They are however loaded with exfoliating agents and soothing properties, both of which will prove beneficial if you have any skin irritations. The malic acid present in abundance in apples acts as an exfoliating agent and mildly removes grime and oil from your pores. Apples also have astringent qualities which is why they are able to combat sebum. Grate an apple and use the pulp to gently exfoliate your face and neck. After exfoliation let the pulp remain on your face for a minimum of 15 minutes. After the pulp dries out use lukewarm water wash it off.
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