What is normal body temperature?

Body Temperature – How to Measure in Normal Ways?

Have you ever felt the temperature of your body? Is your body warm or cold? Some people will always have warm body temperature and some will be cool all the time. What is normal body temperature? Actually, the temperature of the body is measured by means of thermometer and the doctor keeps the instrument in the body place wherever the heat is felt. Normal body temperature is measured to be 98.6F and this is done by keeping the thermometer in the mouth of a person. It will vary based on the age of a person, the time when you measure, and the activeness of the particular person. Mouth, rectum, ear, and armpit are few main places where the physician tries to measure the temperature, which may cause health problems to the person when it goes above or below when compared to normal. Forehead is the place where you will feel the instant temperature rise.

Role of muscles in temperature maintenance:

The body itself will be able to regulate the temperature according to the surroundings. If you feel hotter, then you automatically sweat and thus you will be cool. Reverse thing happens when you are cooler. The contraction and relaxation of muscles will help to maintain the proper body temperature. Most of the thermometers are calibrated in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending upon the region. The temperature of the body will differ in women especially during the menstrual period because of the changes in hormonal level. If you want to measure the exact temperature, then try taking from the rectum area.

Increase or decrease of body temperature:

When you are able to maintain temperature properly, then the other regular body functions such as metabolism, blood circulation, and many others are brought under control. A standard temperature will not be maintained in the body throughout the day and it may differ according to the climatic conditions as well. The person is said to be active when the temperature is little high and the flow of blood will be increased. The temperature will rise when the person does physical activity and you may feel lazy when the temperature does down. The person may feel sleepy if the temperature is very warm. The person’s body will feel the chillness in the morning because it will be on rest. The temperature will be on rise during the night time, as the person might have done many physical activities.

Why to maintain the eating habit of a person?

Many people say that temperature measurement of rectum is believed to be the correct one as it deals with the internal surrounding. If the temperature rises mildly, then you will feel energetic. When there is rapid temperature increase, then you get fever or flu and many other symptoms. This may also lead to severe infection in the body leading to different medical conditions. Make sure that you regulate the eating habit because this is also considered as an important factor for the rise or fall of bodily temperature.

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