Do you know what is considered a fever?

We all know what a fever means. When our body becomes quite hot, we know that we have fever. But, do you know what is considered a fever? We give below a few points which will make you understand what a fever actually means.

What is considered a fever?

In most of the adults, temperature which is above 100 degrees F is considered as fever. In children, anything above 100.4 degrees F will be considered as Fever. A fever can be caused due to various reasons. Given below are some of them:

  • Infections: Fevers are mostly caused due to infections. The infection could affect the complete body or some specific parts.
  • Medicines: Sometimes, medicines such as antibiotics, narcotics etc. can also cause fevers. Such type of fever is known as the drug fever. The antibiotics will actually raise the temperature in the body.
  • Injuries or Trauma: Traumas or injuries like the heart attacks, strokes, burns etc. can also lead to fever
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions like Arthritis, cancers, leukemia can also cause fever in a person.

Now that you have read about various reasons which can cause fever and you also know what is considered a fever, you can take appropriate medicines and become alright.

High temperatures can be really dangerous

When a person’s body is not able to regulate the temperature, the body’s temperature will continue to rise. And, it can lead to heat strokes. When a person gets a heatstroke, he will become unconscious and his skin will become red and hot. He will become really confused and will be in a state of delirium. A classic heat stroke can happen when somebody exposes himself to a heated environment and his body is not able to cool itself back again. In such a situation, the ability of the body to sweat out and transfer the heat gets reduced. Such heat strokes can also happen when somebody is exercising or working in a very hot environment. And, when this happens, the person will sweat out a lot but his body will continue to generate more heat and his temperature will continue to rise. Whatever type of heatstroke happens, it will cause a severe dehydration in the body and the organs of the body will stop to function.

Similarly, a lower body temperature can also be a serious thing and life threatening. This could happen when a person exposes himself to cold, shocks, and alcohols or by using drugs. It can also happen when a person is suffering from diabetes. People who are really frail might feel a lowering in body temperature when they get infections.

When you realize and understand what is considered a fever, you would be able to treat it effectively too. Usually, fevers which are low do not require any treatment unless the person feels uncomfortable. But, if the fever is above 102 degrees, then the person can be given a Paracetamol. Also, the person can be bathed or sponged with lukewarm water so that the temperature is brought down.

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