Vascular System – Change the Rhythm Immediately for a Happier You


When one gorges on those goodies, all the time there has to be an underlying problem. The best advice is to stop already and get into the zone of keeping the body in shipshape condition.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Everyone wants to look good. What looking good means – being toned, trim and cool. Some attribute this to someone who has the time, money power, or generally being bored that gets her/him look cool. This is far from true because one need not own a yacht or have millions in the bank to be toned. No doubt, it does provide you with the best trainers in the land but it does not give you a good heart – literally and medically. It takes careful nutrients in the body along with a proper exercise regime to get one physically fit. Before starting out a fitness regime, it is necessary to warm up. This is because this increases the temperature of the body, blood, muscles, mental alertness, improves cooling, etc. During this time, the vascular system increases blood pressure, the heart rate and improves the flow of blood through the arterial blood flow. A warm up is a must because the body has to get ready for what is in store. After the workout, it is necessary to cool down.

Stress is the Killer

During the entire work out the body and the mind are in sync because the individual improves her/his powers of concentration. Not only is this a wonderful medium because it works in tandem, but it also helps the person reverse heart disease. For a moderately active person it may not be that difficult getting toned. However, this does not mean that the individual is totally healthy. Even a person who follows a routine regularly has to ensure that s/he gets the heart checked as often as possible. More so if the disease is genetic. Stress is one of the surefire ways to kick start hypertension. Normally people who are unable to cope with problems end up smoking, drinking, overworking, eating more, cutting down on exercise, etc. This invariably causes a problem later on, which can lead to heart failure, which may require heart surgery.

Implement a Workable Solution

We have heard it being shouted to the rooftops that limited exercise kills and so does overdoing it with extensive and strenuous exercises. Many people who want to ape someone who they admire try following ridiculous diets that get them to starve. This can also cause damage to the body, which will start shutting down bit by bit. Invariably the only solution is to get to the hospital for an emergency surgery. If things pan out one will be out of harm’s way, if not one will have to deal with this later on with large bills to pay and a total change in lifestyle. The problem is that everyone gets this totally but implementing this on a daily basis is something that becomes impossible. A proper diet and a workable exercise schedule is the best way, which permits the person to ‘cheat’ occasionally. Prescribing to this plan on the other hand however, is not the ardent disbeliever’s idea of fun. The bottom line is that the person will end up paying for her/his stupidity later but for the loved ones it can be excruciating.

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