Natural remedies for overcoming sinus infection while pregnant

Sinus infection while pregnant is a natural phenomenon that happens with many women at some point of time. There could be many causes to it. Majority of the infections are caused due to bacteria, fungus, allergens and hay fever also. There is also a possibility of a previously existing sinus problem getting inflated during this period. It is always better for you to consult your physician and get it diagnosed at the earlier stages to make sure of the possible remedies.

There are many natural ways in which you can reduce the inflammation and irritation associated with this condition.

  • Take regular sauna bath: This will not only help in reducing the irritation and body ache associated with problem, it will also help in eliminating the mucus congestion from your nose, throat, chest and other areas.
  • Garlic and food grade turmeric concentrate with hot milk: This is said to be highly effective with you add a few leaves of holy basil to it. In many cases it has reduced the mucus to a great extent, while easing your breath and comforting your entire respiratory organs.
  • Aloe vera extract: You will need to drink it in empty stomach early in the morning. This will help in removing the toxic elements and the mucus. Besides it will also help in clearing your blood of the toxic elements.
  • Eucalyptus oil massage on your chest and back areas: Make sure that you have diluted the concentrate with sufficient quantity of hot water. You can even add a few drops of the oil to three large teaspoons of coconut oil and massage it gently on your chest, nose, forehead and back areas. This will help in soothing the region.
  • Neti pot saline cleaning: This is one of the most recommended methods for removing excess of mucus and other congestions from your nose and chest areas. However, you should take someone’s assistance while you are doing this tricky exercise. If you feel any sort of nausea and dizzy feelings, you need to take a break and consult your physician before continuing this self treatment.
  • Mix garlic with hot water: Add ½ tea spoons of salt and deep gargle your throat. Initially you may feel uneasy, because the mucus from your nose and throat will start coming out! Take a break, blow it off and then continue slowly for about 1 0 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure for about 2 3 times in week. You will be able to get huge relief from your sinus problem within a matter of 2 weeks.
  • Stay away from people who are infected with cough and cold: Avoid strong perfumes and room fresheners. Keep your home free from mold, moisture and dust.
  • Follow a healthy food cycle that consists of garlic, mint leaves and fresh veggies. Avoid fat, oil, alcohol and nicotine.

These simple methods can help you get rid of sinus infection while pregnant to a large extent, apart from the medical prescriptions provided by your physician in this regard.

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