Solving the eternal doubts about how to drain sinuses

If you are troubled with consistent sinusitis problems and wish to know how to drain sinuses, you can find some simple and effective solutions within your home.

Method 1

One such method is trying out the hot water shower. But in most of the cases, hot water alone may not be sufficient. You will need a strong anti sinus balm. I have tied this method and found great relief for almost the whole day. All you need to do is apply the balm to your nose and neck regions. Make sure that the back neck bones are completely covered. Now keep the shower temperature to a tolerable level and turn it on. Just stand below the shower. You have to ensure that the hot water falls continuously on the back of your neck for about 1 2 minutes.

Now stop the shower for a minute and sneeze out the mucus. You may get a lot of it in the first phase. Clean up and get back into the shower. Repeat the procedure for about 2 3 times. This will certainly take out most of the sinus deposition and clear your nose to a breathable level.

Method 2

This may sound a bit tricky but it has certainly worked for me. In the initial stages I found it highly uncomfortable and even dreaded it. But after trying it once, I found great relief. This is called “flushing out” the sinus. Take 1 cup of lukewarm water and add 1 tea spoon of salt. Pour the water into a small tea pot and close the lid.

  • Stand in front of a wash basin.
  • Bend your head to your left and port the water slowly through one of the nostrils. Right at that time you may feel a strange sensation! You may even feel like throwing the pot away, hold on. The water will start coming out of the other nostril. Along with it, it will carry the sinus mucus also.
  • Now repeat the same exercise with the other nostril also. Remember, you might feel vomiting sensation and throw up also. It does not matter! Just clean up the mess and wait for about 2 3 minutes. Then take a wet towel and squeeze out the mucus.
  • If you feel comfortable within the next 5 10 minutes, you can repeat the exercise once more.

Method 3

This is called the Warm wet clothe massage. Take a warm wet clothe and spread it on your face in such a way that it covers your eyes, chin, nose and mouth. Press gently for about 10 15 seconds. Then you need to use a wet clothe to squeeze out the mucus. Repeat the exercise for about 2 3 minutes. Then your sinuses will be drained out to a large extent.

Method 4

This method has been in practice in many villages of India. It is simple to prepare and effective in nature. Take a cup of hot water and add ½ tea spoon of pepper powder to it. Stir well. Take ½ pinch of Turmeric powder and add to it. Stir again and boil the water for about 2 3 minutes. Let the water cool till it is tolerable to drink. Slowly sip the juice. Trust me; this is a powerful anti oxidant with zero side effects. Try out this procedure for about 15 20 days continuously. If it is required, you may need to consume this for about 2 3 times in a day.

Method 5

If the natural methods do not seem to produce any effects, then it is certain that you need medical help. Your E.N.T specialist will be able to prescribe the most appropriate medication for you, after examining the intensity of your sinus problem. Make sure that you follow the instructions. Within the specified time of medications, your sinus problems will be solved to a considerable extent surely.

Note: Avoid any self medications. If you are allergic to any of the above specified natural methods also, consult your E.N.T specialist before performing any of the exercises.

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