What is heart rate and benefits of the heart rate monitoring?

Heart rate is one of the vital signs that show our heart is functioning in a proper and healthy way. Heart rate is the count of our heartbeat in a minute. Our heart rate varies according to our activities we have resting heart rate that defines the rate of our heart when we are at resting position. The rate of our heat depends on the motion of the human body; the purpose is to deliver more energy and oxygen for our activity. Our heart rate increases dramatically responding to the adrenaline, which prepares us to react in rapid way. When the person is surprised of frightened, the heart rate will increase through the adrenaline, which prepares the human body to use more energy and oxygen to react according to the situation. Adrenaline is the hormone and it is known as epinephrine.

Difference between the heart rate and the pulse

The pulse rate is the number of times expansion and contraction of the arteries in response to the heart in minute. The pulse rate is exactly equal to the heartbeat rate the heart contraction causes the blood pressure to increase and pulse rate in arteries. The heart rate is measured by taking the pulse rate.

How to measure the pulse rate

The arteries run very close under skin of the human body exactly at the wrist and the neck; here the pulse sound is very clear. Just you can place your two figures on your wrist and gently press the location until you feel the pulse sound clearly.

You can even find the pulse rate on the neck all you have to do is place your two fingers on the soft groove and press it on the either side of the wind pipe you can feel the pulse rate. You can find your pulse rate on places such as behind the knees, in the groin, on the top or inner side of the foot and at the temple on side of the head, but finding the pulse rate at these places are little difficult.

Benefits of the heart rate monitoring

Why it is very important to monitor our heart rare when you exercise, the heart rate is the reliable and personal indicator of your exercise intensity. It is very important and good to know your exercise intensity so that you can vary it according to your fitness level and the goals to be achieved by doing exercise.

Monitoring of heart rate brings the following benefits according to levels

For beginners

  • it teaches you about your body reaction to exercise
  • Monitoring the heart rate keeps you from working too hard at the beginning stage
  • Monitoring the heart rate controls the intensity of routing exercise
  • It provides the feedback on your improvement.

For regular exercisers

  • It helps in controlling the intensity of the exercise program under the different circumstances
  • Helps in tuning the program for best results
  • Helps in showing how you progress is varying
  • Gives a plenty of feedback during and after the session

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