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Today, the need for home detox remedies has grown like never before. No matter whether you live in a big city, a cosmopolitan or even a country side, you experience pollution. It has practically spread its tentacles all over. Right from the air you inhale to the food you consume, toxic elements continuously enter your body. Over a period of time, they get accumulated, making you weak and vulnerable to various forms of illnesses and diseases. It is not limited to a particular age-group, nationality, gender, faith or any other parameter.

It is expected that as modernization progresses further into the 21st century and beyond, the scope of pollution will also get wider and deeper. The world has now woken up to the harsh reality at last. Efforts are going on to reduce the intensity of pollution at all levels. Green world is being given importance in all aspects of life, including products, technology, utility & public services and other aspects. Now it is time for you to start adopting some of these measures. How do you do that?
Well, you can start off by detoxing your body and mind to start with. For this, you don’t need to adopt expensive measures. Simple home-made remedies can do it. Let us start off with your physical body. We shall split our schedule into morning, afternoon, evening and night sessions.


Start your day with a green-smoothie. Pomegranate, Lemon and Pine-apple combination could be the most ideal to start your day.Pomegranate is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-obese as well as anti-aging in nature. Lemon can stop the negative influence of junk-food, which you tend to consume every day. Pine-apple is very good to clean up your lungs as well as the cardiovascular-system. You can follow it up with an oatmeal-breakfast, perfect isn’t it?


Whether you like it or not, you need to go out and work in that polluted environment out there! As your body gets exposed to various contaminants, toxic elements enter your body once again. By lunch time, you will need another set of detox procedure. Let us see how you can do it. Green-tea is highly recommended for its fat-burning nature, which it converts into useful energy for your bones and muscles. This will naturally make you more active physically also. You can follow it up with a fine meal made of Tuna diet.

Evening refreshers/snacks

By this time, your working day is almost complete. You can have a combination of Lemon, Soda and Sarsaparilla to take out all the fat and cholesterol from your body for good. Once you taste it, your tongue’s addiction to junk-food will also slowly melt away! You can follow it up with a small bowl of fruit-salad made of banana, apples and grapes to satisfy your hunger till you get home for supper.


Since you have had a great day, you will naturally feel like treating yourself now with some tasty and delicious meal. Salsa-eat-loaves with a green-leaf smoothie made of Collard-Greens, purple-kale and rainbow-chard along with banana and Blueberries would make your supper highly satisfying.


The above mentioned recipe is only a sample. There are many such healthy and nourishing ones, which you can come across in the web-world. If you are under medication/treatment it would be advisable to consult your physician before you start on any of your 24 hour detox-diet.


This type of recipe is primarily aimed at reducing your weight and removes the toxic elements from your body, which could be a slow process, hence don’t expect quick results. Meanwhile, you need to reduce/stop your alcohol and other intoxicating substances while you are on this sort of diet. Only then it will work effectively.

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