Getting slim and purify your body with detox tea

The accumulation of fat because of toxins

Why opt for detox with tea? Years of accumulated fat may not be easy to remove. You might have tried many exercising methods, only to find yourself at the same position, where you started off from. The main reason is that probably you have not removed the toxic elements from your body completely. This in turn leads to more accumulation of fat and other harmful elements, ever increasing your body weight and worsening your health in the long run. If you wish to find the best detox tea for slimming down as well as keeping a healthy and fir body, you are at the right place.

Why green tea is the best for detox?

There are many benefits associated with tea, especially pukka detox tea. It is highly organic in nature. It contains many herbs that help in cleaning your blood vessels and muscle tissues naturally. It contains two of the most important cleaning agents called Cardamom and fennel leaves. They have perform many simple, yet sophisticated cleaning tasks, which can not be done by the best of slimming down medication that you may choose.

How purify your blood in the natural way

  • They purify your blood: This is the most important tasks that you can think of. When your blood remains impure, no matter how much of efforts you put on or the exercise you perform, the result is bound to be near zero.
  • Cardamom is highly digestion supportive in nature: They are extensively used in food preparation as well as for medicinal purposes all over the world. The famous Indian “Sweet-Pan” (A digestive preparation with Betel leaf and Areca nut) also uses Cardamom as an essential ingredient.
  • Cardamom cleans your teeth and gums: Oral detox is considered to be one of the most critical phases on overall physical detox of your body. In the USA, Canada and other European regions, the excess usage of Junk-food is known to result in bad mouth odor and lowered oral health among children also. This slowly leads to complete body getting affected by the toxic elements. Even the air breathed by such badly maintained oral health could affect physical health to a large extent. When Cardamom is used regularly with this pukka or green tea, your are sure to get a free mouth cleaning in parallel!

Remedies for Congestion Removal

Fat accumulation could also result from congestions in your digestive and excretory systems. Try eating junk-food for about 2-3 days continuously and experience the results. The chances are that your excretory systems become heavily loaded. Your body will feel like secreting, but it won’t be able to do it naturally. This happens primarily because the excretory system has been blocked due to constipation.

When left over long periods, this will start developing into accumulation of highly toxic fat within your body muscles as well as blood vessels. This might also result in innumerable types of heart related illnesses. Consuming concentrate of extract tea for weight loss will effectively remove these toxic elements periodically from your body, helping your body to shed weight naturally.

Excess of stress can also act as the most effective way to gain unhealthy weight to your body.

The human body has a mechanism by which an antibody is readily produced whenever a negative phenomenon happens within it. When your body is under stress, it naturally starts getting threatened and starts accumulating fat and other life saving substances in your muscles and tissues. As the amount of stress increases, the quantity of fat stored also goes in increasing, result in unhealthy and obese body in the long run. Once you start consuming optimum quantity of tea, it starts working on your mental stress part, especially the cardamom and fennel that come with the tea. As the amount of depression starts decreasing, the fat stored in your body gets burnt and converted into useful energy. This simple process called fat burning naturally results in body weight loss.

Different Types of Fatigue

There are various types of fatigue associated with the human mind and body. When the psychological stress crosses a certain limit, it naturally gets converted into physical form. The most frequently occurring way of fat accumulation is around your belly region. The element called Cartisol compound gets released. This compound becomes responsible for excess generation of glucose element, fat element and other forms amino acids. Since the quantity of fat and glucose is far greater that of the digestive elements, fat goes on getting accumulated in your belly region.

  • The fat receptors in your body get hyper activated when severe stress attacks your physical body. Now no matter how much of exercises you perform, this adamant fat refuses to get dissolved. This is where fennel, cardamom and other types of digestion encouraging elements for fat reduction and burning.

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

Reduce calorie consumption craving: There is a generic saying that if you stop consuming too much of calories and fat, you can’t get toxic elements and fattening substances into your body at all.

You might have tried various methods of reducing the craving for those deliciously inviting fatty food substances, but failed to do so.When you start consuming tea, it supplements it with healthy vitamins and other slimness generating elements. AS you might have experienced, many forms of detox also contain lemon, which is yet another anti-stress and anti-fat agent. Regular consumption supposed to burn the fatty elements and convert them into energy. The Energy thus is also helpful in further fat burning.

Boost Your Metabolism with

Detox with tea helps in boosting the rate of active metabolism within your physical body. Most of the times, the word metabolism is only associated with the digestion process by commoners. Today you know precisely that it is the overall task of digestion, excretion as well as energizing your body with essential vitamins and minerals, besides burning fat and convert it into useful energy for your body. Once this process gets streamlined, your body naturally starts slimming down, without causing any harmful side effects.

Gradually accelerated slimming down is enabled by the consumption of tea. In most of the artificially hurried weight loss programs you might have observed certain defects, which could actually prove to be counter productive in nature.

How To Fix Uneven Fat?

When you undergo quick slim down procedure, you can observe uneven fat burning process happening all over your body. This often leads to skin sagging. Then you have to undergo an additional program for tightening of your skin after that. When you opt for a tea detox and its other forms along with regular exercising, you won’t find any such issues disturbing your program at all. Fat is uniformly burnt from all parts of your body and the overall skin tightening also occurs naturally.

Benefits of slimming down with detox tea

Do a detox diet with tea removes fat naturally and replaces it with healthy appetizing agents. Now you will be consuming more of vitamins and minerals based food than ever before. Thus you start gaining on lean muscle mass. If you observe carefully, most of the athletes, sports persons and gymnasts do drink detox-tea, some without milk also.

Besides, the detox tea recipe also takes care of the glow and health of your external skin. It helps in removal of dirt, sweat and other toxic elements from the skin surface pores. It enables your skin to breathe more freely.

The detox tea diet gives a fine coating of shine and glitter to your skin. Now your skin becomes softer and bright.

The best detox tea recipe


Regular consumption of green tea for detox is enough to take care of not only body slimming and skin care, it also provides the sort of nourishments your body like minerals and vitamins. To some extent it acts as an anti-aging element also. Once you start enjoying the benefits of tea, you will naturally recommend this “prescription” to others also.

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