Dealing with frontal fibrosing alopecia without getting into depression

Before dealing with your frontal fibrosing alopecia problem, we need to discuss about simple question. What are the disadvantages of becoming bald? If any of your friends asks you this question today, what would be your answer? Regardless of your age or gender, you may naturally say that it spoils your appearances, it takes away your appeals, and it makes you unattractive and many more. Have you ever said that baldness will either kill me or it will make me physically unhealthy and weak? Here I am not talking about baldness which has resulted from medication, therapy, surgery or other medical reasons. I am referring about the baldness condition when you are otherwise physically healthy and sound!

Now let us take a look at some of the most prominent reasons for your baldness condition. Some of them may be applicable to you specifically and some others may be generic in nature.

Genetically transferred: This is said to be one of the natural reasons for you to get this type o0f baldness. In some people it happens after they have crossed their middle age and in some others it happens while they are in their early 20’s. Don’t be surprised if this phenomenon happens in your teen ages also! Practically speaking you can do nothing about it apart from hair transplantation solution or wearing a hair wig! All the others could be superficial if your problem is truly passed down the generations.

Lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the scalp roots: When the sebaceous gland region or the glands themselves are lacking sufficient nutrients, it may lead to weakening of the roots and cause baldness. One way of curing it is to supply all the vitamins and minerals in an optimal quantity naturally. Even in such cases, the growth may not be as phenomenal as you expect and as fast as your wish to hurry it up! It is a slow process, which will naturally take time and effort from your part.

  • You will need to consistently nourish your hair in two ways, namely externally as well as internally. The external nourishing is possible through natural hair oils, conditioners and /or home made preparations. You can use plenty of coconut oil, aloe vera, Brahmi (Thyme leaved gratiola) and other related natural products fore your external applications.
  • You will need to consume fresh veggies, smoothies, fish, fish oil and keep away from physical as well as mental stress for some time. You will also need to reduce/stop your alcoholic beverages intake, stop smoking and put a break on fatty and/oily foods including junk foods.

Due to contamination from toxic elements: In these cases, you will need to detox your body and scalp regions completely. This has to be done both at the external level as well as internal levels. The best way is to depend on aloe vera, Rose Mary oil, coco nut oil and many other Ayurveda derived anti oxidants. Massaging your scalp regularly and consuming anti oxidant foods and smoothies will certainly help you in cleaning up the toxic elements. Once this stage is complete, you will need to strengthen your hair follicles and roots. Then you start consuming hair thickening natural products to make your fibrosing alopecia disappear for good!


  1. Is it possible for relaxers to cause intoxication? I belive so because I had thick coarse hair before an over processed relaxer..don’t have any burns but there hair that grew in was a lot thinner than before and has zero natural hair would stretch to a good amount n then break..the biggest prob am facing now is the fact that my new growth is also falling out now I’ve heard of chemotherapy or other such elements that cause anogen hair to fall out but now am not understanding why except that I feel that there’s a possibility that there is some residue of the relaxer below my scalp ..would it be visible in a scalp biopsy? I will be going to a homeopathic doctor soon..could you please tell me if it is possible to remove the relaxer residue by homeopathic means? And what tablets will help improve the condition internally?

  2. Baldness does´nt kill me but makes me wish I was dead. It is unbearable to lose your appearance, to be unattractive a nd even ugly. Not beeing able to interact with other people, It makes you lonely, shy, depressed and very very sad.

    I am so tired of hearing that the disease won´t kill you. It is worse to live with it. So everybody not having this disease please be aware of what you are saying to a bald person. It is to kick a person already lying down.

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