Facts, functions and diseases of human circulatory system

The combination of heart, blood and the blood vessels make cardiovascular component of human circulatory system. The human circulatory system includes the pulmonary circulation it is the loop where the blood is oxygenated through the lungs. It adds the systematic circulation that runs rest of body to supply the oxygenated blood. The oxygen-depleted blood is sent away from the heart by the pulmonary circulatory system through the pulmonary arteries to lungs and then it returns the oxygenated blood through the pulmonary vein to the heart.

Then the oxygen deprived blood flows to the heart’s right atrium and flows to the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve. From the tricuspid valve, it is pumped to the pulmonary arteries on the way to the lungs through the pulmonary semi lunar valve. When the oxygen deprived blood, enter the lungs it releases the carbon dioxide from the blood and absorbs the oxygen. The blood, which is rich in oxygen, is sent to the heart through the pulmonary vein. The systemic circulation is the part of circulatory system done through the veins, blood vessels and arteries; they transfer the blood from heart to various parts of the body and again enter the heart.

Diseases of the human circulatory system

According to AHA (American Health Association) majority of the people are dying because of the cardiovascular disease in the United States. It is the important system of the body, which is most prone to the diseases. arteriosclerosis is one of the most common circulatory system diseases in which the fat is deposited in arteries, this will stiffen and thicken the walls, deposit of too much of fat, cholesterol and the calcium will restrict the flow of blood which results in attack of heart.

Hypertension is the another circulatory disease and it is commonly called as blood pressure this will harden the heart to work and leads to complication such as heart attack, heart stroke and kidney failure. When the aorta is damaged, the aortic aneurysm occurs, in the condition it starts bulging or eventually tearing and this will result in severe internal bleeding. These weaknesses are present at the birth or it will appear as the result of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, obesity or at a combination of all these conditions. The other disorders of human circulatory system causes damage or birth defects, the rheumatic fever attacks the valves and then controls the blood flow through the heart. The poor development of heart and the blood vessels before the birth of the child results in congenital disorders.

The Study of the human circulatory system

The cardiologists are the professionals certified in diagnosing, treating and preventing the heart diseases, arteries and veins diseases. After finishing the educational and practicing the requirements the American Board of Internal Medicine will certifies the practitioners as the certified professionals. Before certified as the cardiology professionals those aspiring to the specialty must certified in the internal medicine. Then the practitioner becomes the certified cardiology professional including cardiovascular diseases, transplant cardiology, interventional cardiology and clinical cardiac electrophysiology

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