Enhance Safety through Flea Repellent For Humans

Adult fleas are reddish brown insects which have bodies that are flat or compressed from side to side. They are very small and cannot be seen with the naked eye. About 8 adult fleas would be required to cover a length of 1 inch. It can be very difficult to detect these fleas immediately so getting rid of them becomes even more difficult.

Fleas are wingless. However, they can cover huge distances with their incredible jumping skills. This makes it easier for them to attack your pet at any level. Fleas live off of blood consumed from the humans or animals they come into contact with. Females consume more blood than males and can drink up to 15 times their body weight in a single day. Blood which is not completely digested by the fleas is excreted as flea dirt. Flea dirt serves as food for flea larvae. It is also one of the ways in which pet owners identify the infestation.

Why worry about fleas?

Fleas pose a very serious threat to your pet’s health. Not only do they make your pets life miserable, depending on the overall physical condition and age of your pet fleas can cause heavy damage.

  • Fleas cause discomfort to pets and they start itching, chewing and biting their bodies. They become very restless and lose appetite.
  • The most common veterinary dermatological condition is the FAD. FAD also known as flea allergy dermatitis is caused by fleas.
  • Severe infestation of fleas can cause anaemia in some pets. Young pets and debilitated adult pets are the ones affected by it mostly.
  • Fleas are dangerous as they can help tapeworms in entering and damaging the digestive and excretory systems of the body.

Effect of fleas on humans

Your pet is not the only organism that will suffer once flea infestation is found in a house. Humans are also affected by fleas and flea bites can result in a variety of ailments. Listed below are some effects fleas have on humans and also the reasons for development of flea repellent for humans:

  • Allergic reactions: These are usually in the form of small lesions and are called papules. They can be red to purple in colour. Severity of this condition depends upon the reaction this allergy has on you.
  • Tapeworm: Tapeworm generally spreads to cats and dogs through fleas. Infected fleas when consumed by children, causes tapeworms in the little ones as well.
  • Typhus is a group of diseases in which fever, headache, delirium and rashes are all contracted from fleas.
  • Your dogs and cats can acquire many types of fleas. Bubonic plague can be caused by the fleas obtained from rodent fleas.

In order to protect themselves humans should use flea repellent for humans that are available on e-stores and numerous pharmaceutical stores.

How to stay protected from fleas naturally

In order to stay protected from fleas, use a flea repellent. Some natural ingredients which act as flea repellents are used by numerous individuals as they do not have side effects and do not trigger allergies. Eat a considerable amount of garlic cloves. Fleas do not like garlic at all. Fleas feed on the blood of their host and if you wish to stay protected from this infestation you should make garlic a regular part of your diet. Some other natural flea repellents for humans are lemon, lavender oil, cedar wood oil and peppermint oil.

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