Effective ways to erase herpes forever

If you seriously wish to erase herpes, there are many methods of doing it. First of all you will need to identify the exact type of herpes that you are suffering from. Then you will be able to find a way out of it. That means the symptom-analysis/diagnosis plays a major role. As you are aware, there are two basic types herpes virus, namely the HSV-1-type and HSV-2-type. The former is called as the oral-type while the latter is named as genital-type.


Common causes
These are also called as cold-sores. Normally they are caused by infections from another affected person. You may get it when you share the bath-towels, utensils, unhygienic-cleaned fabrics etc.

Common symptoms
Sores and blisters appear within the mouth areas and lips and even in throat. Sometimes they also appear in the cheek-areas and mouth-roof, extending till the throat regions. They usually appear as tiny swellings and grow into larger ones. Even the sores become painful and they may explode, creating allergy and irritation. When the symptoms appear in throat, it may turn into mild or strong form of ulcers, affecting even the tonsils-region.

Common treatments
If the path of medication is chosen, then there are anti-viral-medicines like Acyclovir medication. It can be administered to both children as well as adults. They are normally given in the dosage ranging from 50-MG to 200-MG. The other popular one is Valacyclovir medication. It is available in dosages of 500-MG and 1-GM.
Natural-remedies include external-application of Olive-oil, Aloe-Vera-gel, manuka-honey and Lysine.


They are commonly called as the genital-herpes. They are mostly acquired through sexual-contacts with more than one-partner/unknown-partners/paid-sex etc.

Common symptoms
They include pimple-like small swellings that appear all over the genital-areas, thighs, abdomen, and hind-regions. Over a period of time, they grow in size and become large size swellings, wounds, scars etc. The patient suffers from pain and pus-leaking. Urination process may get affected. The patient may often feel drowsy and run a dry-mouth and soar-throat also.

Common treatments
Consultation with the physician who is expert in treating HSV-2-type of Herpes would be the most preferable way out. Acyclovir-medication in the dosage of 50-200MG is said to be an effective agent to reduce the pain and other irritating symptoms associated with the spread of illness. Val-acyclovir-medication is another powerful compound which is recommended by the experts. The medicines need to be taken under the prescription and supervision of the experts in order to avoid negative-side effects and ensure the proper cure without leading to escalated-conditions during the treatment.

Extract from Samento-plant is fast becoming one of the natural-medications. Application of Aloe-vera-Gel on the affected areas can relieve the pain and irritation-symptoms to a considerable extent. Most experts recommend the combination of medications and natural-cure to make the healing process better.

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