Simple and effective answers to how to get rid of a sinus infection

If you are serious about knowing how to get rid of a sinus infection, you can find plenty of simple and effective solutions. Of course, the effectiveness of the said treatment will depend entirely on the intensity and stage of your sinus problem. As you are aware, there are three stages namely the initial critical stage, sub critical stage and chronic stage. If you are in the initial stages, you can opt for

  • Nasal sprays & tablets. There are plenty of sprays available in the O.T.C at your nearby chemist. Regular application of the spray and tablets is known to relieve the condition to a large extent. In some cases, you may need to consult your Ear Nose Throat specialist to get long term solution.
  • If you have a doubt about how to unblock sinuses, follow this simple method: In addition to the medications, you can try regular hot sauna bath. This will help in taking out the blockages in your nostrils and clear your breathing. The infected mucus waste is also cleared to a large extent.
  • You will need to clean up and take out all the allergens out of your bed room, living room, kitchen and working room. Keep them dust free and fungi free. You may need to avoid the usage of chemical based room fresheners for a while. If you are experiencing frequent nose blockages due to dust, smoke or other pollutants, you can wear an anti smoke/allergen/pollutant mask made of cotton.
  • Regularly rinse your nasal cavities with salt water. You may get the sneezing effects, don’t worry too much about them. Your virus infected mucus is only being taken out and your nose is being cleaned.
  • Regularly consume the extracts taken out of grape seeds. It is also available off the shelf in the form of nasal sprays. Try out the combination of grape seed juice as well as nasal medication for about 10 15 days continuously. Make sure that you stay away from dust prone areas or wear protective masks always.

If your sinusitis problem is in the sub critical stage, you will need to consult your E.N.T specialist for medications and treatments. Most probably s/he may recommend some strong anti biotic medications for you. Some of the most commonly used antibiotics solutions are amoxicillin medication, Cefuroxime medication, Clarithromycin medication etc. Apart from these medications, you will need every day reprieves from the nagging irritations of this illness. Therefore it is suggested that

  • You opt for some congestion cleaning methods, which are natural. You could try out inhaling garlic fumes. Preparing this is quite simple. All you need is a bowl of water and a few cloves of peeled garlic. Add the cloves to water and boil it to a temperature of 900C 1000C. Place the bowl in front of you and cover your head and bowl with a wet towel. This will avoid the fumes from escaping out. Now you can inhale the fumes.
  • The next task you have to perform is cleaning your internals off the infectious fungus. Anti oxidants like Ginger lemon juice. Preparing this juice is very easy and fast. Peal the outer skin from 10 GMs of Ginger and chop it into fine pieces. Prepare about 1 glass of lemon juice. Now add the ginger to it and heat it for about 5 6 minutes. Drink it regularly for about 10 15 days.

If your sinusitis problem is in the chronic condition, you will certainly need to consult your E.N.T specialist. If s/he is recommending surgery, go ahead and get is done. Don’t worry; it is not such a complex process. You will be given a local anesthesia during the surgery. It is quite painless and may last for about 1 2 hours. Then s/he will prescribe certain medications to be taken for the next 1 2 months. After that the problem will automatically disappear. If you are allergic to surgical methods, you need to explicitly talk to your specialist about it. Only then s/he will be able to suggest an alternate if it is feasible and possible.

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